Perry Attacked for His Faith?

George Stephanopoulos talks to the Texas governor about his campaign.
6:58 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Perry Attacked for His Faith?
We're joined now by the candidate himself governor Rick -- in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania this morning to get a big jobs speech. Later today governor thank you for joining us -- want to talk about that -- speech in a minute but first those remarkable comments. From -- wife yesterday you're a lucky man to have such a passionate defender but is that what you believe that these debates. Have been unfair and -- you've been brutalized because of -- Christian faith. Well I do have one of the finest women in the world that I could be married to and she is passionate. And I would say for sure that family members gently take these campaigns. Harder than anyone else in and but I'll -- -- -- why I think she's right on both cases. My understanding is as she said I'm the most conservative candidate in the race and he's a Christian so. I haven't got a I haven't got anything I can add to that she's hit me on the on the on my mark about times there. Okay we stand by those comments and I wanna get to more than a second but now under the jobs program you're rolling your jobs plan today. Herman Cain has already made his mark with a 999 plan Mitt Romney. Unveiled his 59 point plan a couple of weeks ago why is your plan better than theirs. Well for a number reasons. The president of the United States under my plan walks in on day one in the first 100 day starts really making an impact in this country. Over one point two million jobs can be created by. Opening up those federal lands and waters by pulling back those onerous regulations that we see killing jobs. And then rebuilding the EPA. Those three major events. Can get America working again can create wealth and open up this treasure trove of resources that we should stand upon on -- home. The United States property so an executive. -- governing experience that knows how to create jobs with a plan that frankly is simple. And that's what Americans want and that this president and what is what I -- The governor your point -- your opponents point out that unemployment is doubled during your tenure. As governor and that about 65% of the Texas job gains. Since then 191007. Are actually government jobs is that the model for the country. Well I disagree with those numbers for one thing we had a -- -- -- huge growth and a lot of people -- of the state of Texas from other states looking far. Those jobs unemployment gone up all across this country Texas wasn't immune to we just happen to be creating jobs while other states were losing jobs. And the bulk of those jobs 95% -- were above minimum wage. And this substantial margin of them were substantially more than what you. Information you've got her in the private sector that's how. Americans want to see job creation and listen let's get back to the real issue here. I'm talking about creating jobs in the energy industry that will make America secure. From countries who were behind all from today that don't have our best interest -- -- Yesterday your wife also said that when she looks at how McCain's plan 999 she wants to call 911 because it's going to be a national sales tax is that what you think. I think that's pretty caused -- in the spot you know when you look at. And 9% increase in states that already have a cell stacks then you're gonna really -- season push back from people I think once this really gets look that sounds sprinkle -- say 999. That the end of the day. It is a big tax increase on some people out there that vote that care and I think it's going to be -- -- for 999. The governor what do you make of Herman Cain hey you've dropped twenty points since August it's all gone to him he's he's skyrocketed by twenty points. What is He doing right that you're doing wrong. Well Herman Cain as well the most interesting people Sonoma State that's for sure but I think when people look at what he's talking about when people look at his tax plan. I want people. Try to make them decision about -- He really want to run in America. Somebody that really knows how to create jobs not somebody that's got a -- Slowed finally governor you said you stand by your wife's comments even singled out for your faith a lot of your opponents have said that's exactly what you're supporter of reverend Jeffers did when He was introducing your -- values voter convention the Romney campaign and governor Romney. Have called -- need to repudiate him in his comments will you do that. Well I have a lot of people that endorsed me. But I don't endorse what they say here or at what they believe for that matter and that's the case. On this one. Is I can't control those individuals who go out and say something you may be forming in -- rights. This is about. -- -- freedom of speech mean freedom of religion our founding fathers were pretty wise and and creating. Those rights. Freedom of religions and we have 88 a great number of face -- -- support. People's choice of being able picked. And choose. Their faith. But I also choose -- support the freedom of expression and so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- me that I don't agree with. The I'm not get a say that He can't say what He wants to say. The issue -- are we gonna tell people what they can say. And I'm not gonna be one of those this is a country where we truly have freedom of expression. And they're going to be people -- say things about me probably going to be people who say things about President Obama. That are offensive. To him and his family. But those folks who say those things. Are going to be the ones that you need to be asking the questions do not those of us who are either associated with them know them -- for that matter have endorsed. President Obama. Finally got -- this is just a gut check question how badly do you want to be president. Let's not what I got and this thing about -- think America was in trouble. And get a great job in the governor of the state of Texas about love my country and there's a point in time where you have to do your duty. And that's what I'm all about -- -- get this country back working again. I love America I wore the uniform of this country as a pilot united states air force I understand about service and sacrifice. And this is a time. When people who truly love this country -- truly. Have a passion about the freedoms that we've lost from these. Regulators who were taken -- -- Men and women's right to have the dignity of a job that's what I'm all about I hope there's somebody watching this program today be sitting there in the living room without a job. Looking for that person who's gonna give them hope that they're gonna have. Job in the future I'm that person. Thanks a lot for joining us this morning governor. -- --

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"George Stephanopoulos talks to the Texas governor about his campaign.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14735988","title":"Perry Attacked for His Faith?","url":"/GMA/video/rick-perry-interviewis-texas-governor-attacked-faith-14735988"}