Ringing in the New Year in Style

Ginger Zee heads to Times Square to preview this year's ball drop.
3:28 | 12/31/11

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Transcript for Ringing in the New Year in Style
Let's get back you're seeing -- thing this morning in Times Square he's been standing here in the crystal ball it's going to be -- -- and -- -- -- gravitated take a look at some of the more. -- traditions in other parts of the world. And again even though New York City has by far the biggest celebration. Certainly isn't the strangest. Comes to New Year's nobody doesn't like me. Has been called the biggest party on the planet one million shivering souls -- -- to Times Square. We'll be blanketed by 2000 pounds of confetti and kept warm by compass -- -- and silly glasses. And this year they'll be entertained by one lady got got the hot diesel will bring in the years leading up Times Square alongside Ryan Seacrest -- Who for the seventh year does the bulk of the hosting Dick Clark the man who first got the party -- exactly forty years ago today. We'll be -- to. He's excited about this here he gets excited to. Every -- looks forward so he'll make as many appearances as he once and I kind of just stand there and take the ball when he passes it. Justin Bieber will take the stage. So -- Carlos Santana. What they won't have is -- -- -- -- Across America cities big and small have their own answers to that famous Times Square ball. Trip advisor for rounded up the best of them. From cheese and Plymouth Wisconsin. To -- -- in Mobile, Alabama. They may not be as big that they have as much time. And is watching the awesome lowered at midnight isn't your idea of -- -- years. You can always -- -- billion people worldwide that's billion with a -- Who will watch that ball drop on TV and perhaps enjoy a less public New Year's -- It is always so nice to get -- -- the faces behind this big celebration who makes it can't possibly -- Head over and say good morning to test us president countdown entertainment and boy is good morning and -- what extent yeah require me to. The crystals everyone is so fascinating guy and I and as well let's talk about that -- this year because there is one. There -- came -- -- theme this year is that can be friendship. And it's not just in the United States suspension has roiled global feelings sentiment source unhappy that this year we have this incredibly beautiful sentiment for a couple weren't trying. -- -- -- love and the meteorologists I'm fascinated by this people say there are -- folks that come down because the weather's going to be so easy on everyone. I am begging you aren't going to be -- incumbent to celebrate this is going to be tonight. Well I gotta tell you ever use the big celebration at the weather's nice that it will be more people is -- they're gonna stay longer to make it difficult for us to clean up. I would space them from all over the world is going to be over a million people here we're going to be celebrating together because not only thank you can't make it here you can actually see our webcast -- our times the ball -- The battle Lady Gaga hear about people would not optional way -- -- Without fantastic Chinese lion dance there's six -- -- anything. Did anything about the accident and that the last time -- you know I think that can't account for nearly half cup exit I went to get the that's ahead. Eric it you think people so much for being here thank you for -- -- you party they're ready to start tonight well.

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{"id":15264857,"title":"Ringing in the New Year in Style","duration":"3:28","description":"Ginger Zee heads to Times Square to preview this year's ball drop. ","url":"/GMA/video/ringing-year-style-15264857","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}