Rio Games End With Carnival-Inspired Closing Ceremony

Gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles carried the flag for Team USA as Rio passed the torch to 2020 Olympics host Tokyo.
3:10 | 08/22/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rio Games End With Carnival-Inspired Closing Ceremony
Move on matter reality and that's exactly calling ceremony for the Summer Olympics. We saw some on bows carried the flag for teen USA right there are capped a triumphant run. Including gold medal in men's basketball it is in that god has been there from the start and that these games had at all. Absolutely George George American medal triumph. And the Ryan Lockheed scandal and so far no Zeke got but last night's glittering spectacle. Had it all with flying acrobats and that ceremonial passing of the torch from the real games. The Japan games in Tokyo and Forney Forney that was heavy on the Nintendo DS. One more chance this self but in Rio the closing ceremony celebrating the last day of the games with a taste of carnival. To bone vials leading the way for teen USA the five time medalist carrying the flag three rain soaked market stadium even causing this athlete traffic jam. As a olympians lined up to step so pleased with her they're punch it. A little bit whether it couldn't stuff the party Brazil passing the torch to Tokyo. A host of 20/20 summer games team USA ending its sixteen day Olympic run the same weight starting. With eight gold. Sunday night men's basketball team. Crushing Serbia the all star lineup led by Kevin Durant thirty points hurting team USA it's 121. And final medal of the games but they weren't alone American middleweight boxer Clarissa shield winning her second straight Olympic gold medal. Just that he promised me she would last week. What happens after the games than he would go. Not about it. And knowing from them but I'm definitely wind only after that. 21 year old dispel the only US boxer with. Two golds bringing in a hardware she won in the 2012 games with third to the podium. Andean wrestling Kyle Snyder grappling for another gold for team USA. Twenty years old he's now the youngest American Olympic wrestling team. In a men's marathon American voters Halen Roth saving an Adam Sandler flick as inspiration for these bronze medal performance. Brooks teammates marathoner meant to let's keep. Slipping just a few steps away from the finish line and doing a impromptu pushups before finishing the race in there and third place. OK so Simone buyout is four foot eight that flag she was carrying it. Nine feet tall about twice her height and with wind swirling here about fifty miles an hour yesterday. Carrying that flag made in the hardest thing she's had to do with these games on the giver a perfect ten for that also getting a perfect ten Japan's prime minister who. Morphed into Super Mario during that closing ceremony was probably one of the coolest things we saw guys. Great job Matt yeah he represented the values really stressed. Holly. Anyway you there meal to was how I feel. Without a doubt watching some nine vials just killing it on all of the events I mean she really is. Perfection just watching her flawlessly smile through some of the most amazing. Athletic feats you can imagine doing and she is she knew she is hitting the original technology to make it look easy.

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Gold medal-winning gymnast Simone Biles carried the flag for Team USA as Rio passed the torch to 2020 Olympics host Tokyo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41565176","title":"Rio Games End With Carnival-Inspired Closing Ceremony","url":"/GMA/video/rio-games-end-carnival-inspired-closing-ceremony-41565176"}