Communities rebuild after Irma, Maria and Harvey

"GMA" is live in Puerto Rico and Houston with the latest details on how those communities are faring after the devastating hurricanes.
3:09 | 11/13/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Communities rebuild after Irma, Maria and Harvey
We move on that our special look at the road to recovery from those massive hurricanes this fall hit the Virgin Islands Puerto Rico Houston. We wanted to start out with Robin in Puerto Rico this morning good morning Robin. Good morning George maybe it has been 54 days since hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico and more than half. Other island is still without power thousands still don't have access to drinking water and that's why places like this. The world's central kitchen are making such an impact. And hard hit communities these volunteers serving and delivering thousands of meals all across Puerto Rico. The US military just announced it is going to start winding down its operations here. Because relief efforts are starting to move from the price is phase to the recovery phase but FEMA. Is here for the long haul and I surveyed the damage from a bump on a helicopter ride along with a man leaving feel as recovery efforts might burn. Some have been frustrated by how do you speak to them. You know I think we just keep working you know begun work. Rain and lots of people of Korean and lots of different programs swerved we've given out over a hundred million dollars in aid directly to this citizens. But you know we're not just not gonna stop we're gonna keep about it and added an added until we make a difference for everybody. And I have to say being in that helicopter and surveying much of this higher than you could see in those remote areas the desperation. Is still there and that's really mind boggling. And about a hundred miles from here. Is the US Virgin Islands and the situation is just as dire if not more so. Residents there they suffered a 12 punch first a direct hit by Burma two weeks later Maria and by the way both were category five hurricanes. When they made landfall there so many homes are completely destroyed many people having do we built from scratch tonight I have the opportunity. Two to really look at the damage up close this weekend I have some incredible stories of survival and recovery. Ever gonna share the Virgin Islands story coming up in our next half hour. Michael is in Houston his beloved hometown of you what the with the destruction right after Harvey and Michael are things going there now the morning. Things are going well Robin you know argue it's the assault was damaged where you are Puerto Rico and I just that I'm here in Houston. And at first glance you might think everything here it's back to normal but take a look at these picked up from the same street. Two months ago when it was under four feet of water. But I want to show you what a real problem lies with so many people here in this area public take you for a walk inside of this house. At this house is one of a 136000. Homes like this and you stated. And as you can see the volunteer there in the in this home and they are here paving the mold. A protector on the woods so you don't have to have that problem again and make us out in habitable again they're still 50000 people ward FEMA hold tales. Around this city so there's still so much work to do. And later in the silver gonna check in with some of the great people that we met in the days after Harvey and I'm gonna go back to you in the studio George's name. Thank you let's check back to a mattress Mac later on.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"\"GMA\" is live in Puerto Rico and Houston with the latest details on how those communities are faring after the devastating hurricanes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51109158","title":"Communities rebuild after Irma, Maria and Harvey","url":"/GMA/video/road-recovery-communities-rebuilding-massive-hurricanes-51109158"}