Robbers Strap Bomb to Bank Manager: Was She Involved?

New questions arise about the men who claimed to kidnap a bank manager.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robbers Strap Bomb to Bank Manager: Was She Involved?
rest of the headlines. Okay, george. We're going to begin in los angeles right now, for a gunman that claimed to kidnap a bank manager and tied a bomb around her waist during a daring robbery. You see aerial shots of it right now. At this hour, new questions are surfacing. One of them, was the manager actually involved in the plot all along? Here's abc's nick watt. Reporter: The bank manager, allegedly ordered to rob her own bank. Police say her nightmare began around 8:00 wednesday morning when the two men approached her outside her home as he was leaving for work. She told police the men ordered her to drive the device to her stomach and drive to the bank. She was told it was a bomb. Reporter: Fearing for her life, she did exactly as she was told. Open the vault and throw bags of cash outside the back door. The robs made their escape before cops and the bomb squad arrived on the scene. They very carefully removed that device from her body. Reporter: A bomb squad robot detonated the device, which turned out to be a very convincing fake, leaving some to question if the bank manager was involved. It's one of the logical things you have to look at, though. They have to find the trail of how the bad guys learned who she was and where she lived. Reporter: Police are treating her as a victim. The bomb was not real. But the robbers made off with a lot of cash. The significant amount of money was taken. That's clear. Reporter: The bandits and the money are still on the run, with multiple agencies on their tail. You know, outrageous bank heists are nothing new in los angeles. But, josh, this one, it's on another level. Nick watt, in los angeles. Thank you for that.

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{"id":17169667,"title":"Robbers Strap Bomb to Bank Manager: Was She Involved?","duration":"3:00","description":"New questions arise about the men who claimed to kidnap a bank manager.","url":"/GMA/video/robbers-strap-bomb-bank-manager-involved-17169667","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}