'Liberace' Star's New Project to Rescue Wildlife

Rob Lowe discusses his documentary series, "The Big Picture," on the National Geographic channel.
3:56 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for 'Liberace' Star's New Project to Rescue Wildlife
Guess who is sitting beside me again. Rob lowe. might be a "heat index" by himself. You have so many projects going on right now. Kelly kennedy. "Behind the candelabra." And the webisode. And let's talk about "killing kennedy." The kids call it a play. Tell me about that project first. It's based on the best-selling book, killing kennedy. It will be out for the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. I played jfk. That's me in makeup and hair. Wow. What a -- transform. Really embody the president. You know, he's one of my heroes. And look at that. Oh, boy. You were describing to us, on "behind the candelabra." It was a lot of contraptions. I was on actual painkillers. To do that bit. Josh pointed out, emmy nominations are coming out. Thursday. I can't imagine we will not hear your name and all of your co-stars. It's the biggest movie for hbo. The biggest movie they've done. And steven soderberg we felt safe. And we could go for it. God knows, we were definitely going for it. Why not? How close you are right now. My latest co-star. Forget matt damon. Forget him. Yes. Are you serious? Oh, my gosh. It's clearly a pelican. Don't move. It's all good. Her name is ginger. And look at this. Wow. Come here. Come here. I'm right here. Come here. We should say that -- while you're doing this, this project really is about wildlife. Yes. You're passionate about wildlife. You have been for a long time. And you look on this project. Watch where you lay your hand here. To -- this is a web documentary that you can see tonight that celebrates dawn's 40-year partnership with bird rescue and marine mammal center. And all of the workers who help rescue birds like this caught in oil slicks around the world. Just a big -- it's not just a big oil spill that we read about in the news or hear about in the news. There's little events all the time. Birds need to be rescued and cleaned from. And we found that dawn is one of those incredible products. And they do such good work where they wash the oil off the feathers and they survive. This bird was coated in oil. The feathers look perfect now. They use dawn to clean it. It's tough enough to get the grease out and doesn't affect the feathers. This documentary highlights the people who are there every, single day. I'm sorry. We were a little freaked out by the bird flapping here. Will the birds be released into the wild now that they're cleaned? Well, after being cle celebrities. Can they smell fear? Again, "killing kennedy," amazing. And we're rooting for you for an emmy nod. And tell us again -- good morning, I'm randy

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{"id":19677717,"title":"'Liberace' Star's New Project to Rescue Wildlife","duration":"3:56","description":"Rob Lowe discusses his documentary series, \"The Big Picture,\" on the National Geographic channel.","url":"/GMA/video/robe-lowe-big-picture-project-liberace-stars-project-19677717","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}