Rob Lowe Plays With Penguin in Times Square

Actor wraps up his "GMA" guest hosting gig with some time with Jack Hanna's animals.
3:00 | 10/09/12

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Transcript for Rob Lowe Plays With Penguin in Times Square
I was just told, watch my toes. Rob, with marlin the penguin. He was the smart one. Now, we have jack hanna from the columbus zoo, and some of his friends. He has a lynx. We're told he's a little active. Rob, you're over there now. This is amazing. This is the lynx. It's sad because the animal was hunted for its pelt way back when. But it's a solitary cat that lives in high altitudes. And a lot of the food sources have been pd up to stay low. So, the animals don't have a food source, as well. Is this the one where the paws that acts like snowshoes? Exactly. I'll show you. See the back foot? The back foot, mother nature invented the snowshoe before man did. Oh, sam. He's going in the snow there. These animals can go to 30, 40, 50 below zero. And they can eat animals three-times their size? Eat other animals? They can eat other people. I don't think any problem with a food source. If they have a problem with a food source, they're snacking here. That's right. Oh, look opinion. That's a carigal. You go inside the mummies and the pyramids and the tombs, you see this on the drawings. The pharaoh, they would worship him as a symbol of power. They will get three-times as big. That animal can catch a bird. Can grab a bird flying by. Leap off the ground, catch a bird in flight. This is amazing. A youngster. It has big beautiful tufts. It looks really royal. They're from northern africa. And asia. And human flesh, jack? I'm getting a little feeding going on. I'm sure they will be giv it to you to have no handler on them. And rob's friend now. We saw all morning long. This is merlin. Merlin is my man. He is in eveningwear. And the story of the penguins, they mate for life. If you can imagine, the female lays the egg. The female sits on it for 30 or 40 days. She takes off and has a good time in the ocean. And comes back when the baby's born. The one penguin that does not MATE FOR LIFE, danny DeVito. It was there. It was there. Come on. Jumping out. Really. Wow. Too soon. Come, now. Moving on to our tortoise here. This is a cottage tortoise right here. This animal's from northern africa. He lives to be over 100 years old. They eat oranges and apples and grasses. What's the difference between the male and female tortoise? No. Look at the flat shell. That's a female. The male's shell is curved. When you breed with the female, just for anybody to keep asking that question. Do we know how old this animal is? That one there is about 15 years old. And on the front, by the legs there, that can help when they fight each other, that type of thing. They live a long time. These animals do. And that's his home, his shell. He does dig a hole in the ground to stay cool. He's trucking there. Jack, thank you so much for bringing all of them out. Knocking it out, saturday mornings, jack hanna on abc. He's a sea -- he's jacques cousteau right there. I like that. And you can see, as sam just mentioned, "jack hanna's wild countdown" on most abc stations

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{"id":17431763,"title":"Rob Lowe Plays With Penguin in Times Square","duration":"3:00","description":"Actor wraps up his \"GMA\" guest hosting gig with some time with Jack Hanna's animals.","url":"/GMA/video/robe-lowe-plays-jack-hannas-penguin-lynx-times-17431763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}