Downey Jr. on 'Sherlock' Sequel, Upcoming Son

Actor discusses new "Sherlock Holmes" movie and soon-to-be second son.
6:04 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Downey Jr. on 'Sherlock' Sequel, Upcoming Son
New Sherlock Holmes movie is everybody's got -- good idea again welcome back Robert Downey, Jr. thank you kindly we -- -- -- you're here. I love and I'm here you have a little peanut gallery -- -- it's ridiculous. I love that tidbits here yesterday told in the same thing. You all just picked up right where you left off with the first -- that was the big idea we were so pleased that it was successful but you know. The kind of work based on. Our chemistry. And and guys great direction and that -- -- steps that we really wanted to bump it up and not disappoint the audience you didn't disappoint at all and how it -- -- -- -- that a number of actors who have played Sherlock Holmes. New getting another opportunity. What was the best part about having another chance. I guess looking back at the books and seeing is there anything that hasn't been exploited yet -- And luckily for me there was. And you really. It took almost you don't take on the supply alike but let's -- and we've all seen it played it it's like you just put your own and Guy Ritchie. And the whole cast any Mavis think of heaven in a different what. Which is great and books can can take it there was some descriptions that were kind of an accurate that have been taken -- fact. He wears a deer -- captors never in the book she -- a big long pipe that came from -- but on I think more than anything is a prominent go to a movie. And it's a holiday movie as it happens I wanna be entertained I don't wanna feel like two. You know pretend I'm being entertained because I -- do something to get out of the house so we are pleased that this is actually you know we we took as a stab at trying to do something that was really kind of funny and and exciting and adventurous in the whole deal. That was -- that was what it was funny and you alluded to the chemistry between you when Jude Law sort of -- little -- of -- -- The -- of the banter between as you -- to tackle very well missed books back to. There's only instructions and rules used to be the official statements and -- its engaging -- give them a shot and we gave it. -- profession. Look back and hope. That it was spider and flowing. -- fly. -- of the most of the dugout and drinking and included. -- -- -- -- Reducing the time semantic I have converging on -- -- because it. UW -- -- of. You -- to make it seem so effortless. Well you know. I think good writing helps. And Judas is an incredibly. Gifted guy room. So you know between the two of us it's little bit of British invasion. Half British -- -- And -- like going back and and shooting it there. I won't bore you by showing a clip that we haven't you just went on and on about what a great guy you are a lot of great back there and I don't want just -- -- shameless it to do that but what -- -- he did also say. Is that the your character dressing up as a woman was your idea. -- give us of the talked about in the press tour group who put the to a lot of people have asked about that you don't think of him. As dressing of -- that would fit you and -- -- he's really improbably you would just kind of went right something's that he ago but that. That's out -- on set -- I mean kind of like. Today if -- if every. Question and answer was stock you kind of feel it at home or watch the whole show yesterday and I was kind of like one a look at the keep -- around their community. And as just someone who who loves movies I was like -- when you feel like you're seeing the puppies being born -- as opposed to. And we go to fame -- -- quote not the same us ammo in this the other sequel congratulations. In even student who are pregnant. Yeah and Tom yes she's big -- -- because -- kind of revealed that it's a sudden bomb on another program and she wasn't. Quite sure she knows -- problem. With impulse control. -- I've practically mastered it. She just as long as you don't say -- name you will retain your head. But that much -- more are not going to -- but no not yet. But critics critically important -- their first that is what eighteen India's eighteen spends some years before you change diapers my friend. -- -- -- why not I love that stuff is orange can be sleep deprived you might as well have something really cute motivating you to smell like feces all day long. You never know what's -- gonna say up I did that's what you're never -- never warning. With you around the congratulations to you and season and we haven't paid your question because and we were asking about this as well I was hoping that we're going to be able to could you with Diane -- some years ago -- your music. And somebody asked -- asked this question we know you've got a lot of your hands. Especially but the sun on the way but is there any chance we'll get to hear you put out some new song books. Well it's funny I don't think about it. Much and had a great time. Making that album and I've always been interest in music and somewhat of a musician Hans Zimmer who did the -- -- Sherlock Holmes and I. He he asked if I'd be interested in and seeing if organically some sort of musical project -- -- so ponds I just set it on TV I think we can. At a record deal will there that is but that impulse control this putting it out there to the universe -- said it -- that it could be true. Robert thank you thank continued success of. All fall that you do and -- you for sharing your talents with us and you. Bottom -- a few more cameras with you when you come along. Hi there could she didn't seem all that interested is that a one way mirror don't know exactly. Sherlock around the game of shadows opens this Friday nationwide -- -- -- thank you Robert.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Actor discusses new \"Sherlock Holmes\" movie and soon-to-be second son.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15161063","title":"Downey Jr. on 'Sherlock' Sequel, Upcoming Son","url":"/GMA/video/robert-downey-jr-sherlock-holmes-game-shadows-upcoming-15161063"}