Robin Calls in to 'GMA' Live, Speaks With Oprah

"GMA" special guest chats with show's anchor as she continues her MDS treatment.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for Robin Calls in to 'GMA' Live, Speaks With Oprah
nothing can keep me ♪ more power and praise choir right there. And robin roberts, I want you to be looking right now. We're all channeling you through our shoes right here. The froggy slippers. We know you're wearing them at home. This is the moment we've been waiting for. Oprah winfrey, this is the biggest get you could get for us, robin roberts. Robin, we're so happy to be here. I'm so happy to be here with your family. We haven't heard you on "gma" for a long time. Robin, are you there? Oh, yes. I am here. Good morning, oprah. Standing in for you, robin. You know, oprah, I love when you left me a message. And you said, standing in the gap. And it's about sisterhood. And you didn't hesitate. And I appreciate all that you have done this morning. You have lifted my spirits. The power and praise mass choir. Usually, I'm watching between my toes in bed. But you got me on my feet. You got me dancing, like you were this morning, with the rollers in your hair. It was the best. The best escort in new york city. I've been uplifted. How are you? It's day 35. 35 days ago, I had my bone marrow transplant. And it is a journey, my friend, as you have taught me. I am so incredibly blessed to be doing as well as I am. Some days I do feel like I'm 35 days old. And can't get my head off the pillow. But those days are becoming fewer and fewer. And I'm just -- you know, when i see you all this morning -- and this is what is so important. I hope anybody that is facing any type of challenge, any mountain they feel is in front of them, that this, too, shall pass. And it's about -- I can't wait to come back. I want to be back on that couch. And with those froggy slippers with everybody else. But it's just about understanding the moment, why i am here now. I'm journaling. Ed you be very proud of me, oprah. Journaling a lot. And so appreciative of the outpouring. Not just for me. But for everyone who is facing a challenge. Robin, we hear that all the time. It's great to hear your voice. It's so moving. We hear every, single day, e-mails, phone calls, people coming up to us on the streets and telling us what a difference you are making for them right now by being so open about your challenge. By fighting it in front of everybody. That's giving a lot of people facing similar challenges real strength. Well, you know, I think of my dear mother. And she taught me well. And it is about being a service to others. It would be a whole lot easier not to go be so public when you're going through something like this. But the people that I've met, george, who are going through this, they are family members who are so appreciative of what we, as a family, are doing. And, oprah, I love how you -- at the top of 8:00, oh, mississippi. I love mississippi. I'm sorry. I'm following along, watching some of the pictures behind you. But when you were talking, oprah, about my tv family, that's so true. You know? And I think about, you know, how we often -- and you know this, the wonderful following that you have had. They become a part of your family. Not just the people you work with, but the people that watch you. And it's such -- it's a privilege to be a messenger. I know you're not here. But I felt your presence when i walked into the studio. You are here in spirit. And we're so happy to have you call in this morning. We cannot wait until you're back on this couch. That computer, we're hitting it.

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{"id":17560874,"title":"Robin Calls in to 'GMA' Live, Speaks With Oprah","duration":"3:00","description":"\"GMA\" special guest chats with show's anchor as she continues her MDS treatment.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-calls-gma-live-speaks-oprah-17560874","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}