Robin and Josh's Extraordinary Meeting With Pope Francis

Robin Roberts and Josh Elliot talk to George Stephanopoulos about meeting Pope Francis.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Robin and Josh's Extraordinary Meeting With Pope Francis
Right now, let's get straight to the vatican. The resignation of one pope. Elevation of pope francis turned out to be an electric leader for the catholics. You made the journey to rome. Got to see behind the scenes at the vatican and got to greet him. I would have swore that we won the lottery. Us as winners. Being here. Tens of thousands for the audience. And waited hours to see the pope. He left just a short time ago. Really spends a lot of time. We really saw it all on display today. He's been called the people's pope. And you saw that again today, even as he encouraged all to be rays of light for hope, especially for the poor in the world. He also was a man of the people. Receiving all the young, the sick, the aged, and to his immediate right, the champion argentine soccer team, of which he's a proud supporter. And gave a cheer, as well. The response when he saw them before he went up there. And I know when he came near us and we had a chance to meet with him, we really were filled with a moment of reverence. There was a moment of calm and peace that surrounds him. It was remarkable. You should have seen it. The way he spends time with people and the expression on his face, is something that will stay with us and stay with all that were here. And hopefully with you, too. We want to make you feel like you were here with us. And we'll do that throughout the morning. And also, give rare access to the vatican, as well. That, and a whole lot more coming up on this special edition of "good morning america." What a treat this holiday season.

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{"id":21258053,"title":"Robin and Josh's Extraordinary Meeting With Pope Francis","duration":"3:00","description":"Robin Roberts and Josh Elliot talk to George Stephanopoulos about meeting Pope Francis.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-joshs-extraordinary-meeting-pope-francis-21258053","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}