Robin Roberts Celebrates Early Christmas with 'GMA'

The "GMA" team spends a special day with their friend and colleague.
3:33 | 12/10/12

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Transcript for Robin Roberts Celebrates Early Christmas with 'GMA'
Love the idea of that. A special "gma" rocks the holidays. Want to share more of our special time with robin last week. Great to celebrate an early christmas with her. Share holiday memories. Take a look. ♪ faith, family, and friends. What the holidays are all about. ♪ All I want for christmas is you ♪ ♪ her ♪ I want to thank you for the xl. The tree is over here. Sam did a lot of heavy lifting. One pine cone. ♪ One golden pine cone ♪ what is christmas like the turkey? The best. We couldn't get back to the states. Our parents would give us -- this is how old we are -- the sears catalog. My mom would break out the book. We were not a sugar cereal household. On christmas, we could all choose a box of our favorite breakfast cereal. What was yours? Apple jacks? Apple jacks? Oh. Oh! Merry christmas, ho ho ho! Of course, they're eating. We're decorating. Nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. I have a roberts family tradition. It's a lime sherbet with -- I'm in, I'm in. With ginger ale. My mom made it all the time. Reporter: After a few glasses of the punch, robin gave us each a gift. What has been naughty and who has been nice. Something you and your beautiful family will hopefully enjoy together. Love you, robin. Love you, robin. Something to keep your warm. Arsenal! Gnarls! I love that. It was a tennis racket. I love it. Le stil have to play. We still have to play. It's on. Without cameras. From the very beginning you have always brought joy into my life. Love you, robin. I love you, robin. I worked with sam the longest. 2006. This was our first trip together, the justin timberlake concert in memphis. I remember it. Oh, my god, that's fantastic. Reporter: Robin reminded us when your friends are your family and your family are your friends, you are truly blessed. It is so, so good to see you. Family. Family. To health and happiness in the new year. Here's to 2013. Bring it! What is the next big milestone in your head? It's coming back to work. It is coming back and -- to my life. And I never define myself by my work. None of us have. We enjoy what we do. But it's the normalcy. When the alarm goes off at 3:45, I'm going to be happy. You'll know life is really normal the wednesday that wears off. And we can't wait for that day. Zblik that phrase that someone gave me. I think about us. Family, we may not have it all together, but together, we visit all. That's a great motto. It's true, it's true.

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{"id":17924786,"title":"Robin Roberts Celebrates Early Christmas with 'GMA'","duration":"3:33","description":"The \"GMA\" team spends a special day with their friend and colleague.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-celebrates-early-christmas-gma-17924786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}