YouTube Bans Star's Racy Music Video

Robin Thicke's music video for his new song "Blurred Lines" features three topless women.
4:10 | 04/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube Bans Star's Racy Music Video
Hello to everyone in times square. We're here with our "gma heat index." Latest on heidi klum's quick-thinking beach rescue. A pop video. Jay-z's new role and the hit show "scandal." Jess cagle here to talk about that. Well, let's start there. You put "scandal" on the cover this week. This is really a phenomenon. It is. It's an interesting show where it started out with okay ratings but the fans of the show were so active on social media that it then just exploded and that's really what put it over the top. Also a great show, the president of the united states has been -- fathered a child and then murdered -- what. The rating is still good. He's still sympathetic. It's so well done and kerry washington is a revolution. They're so hot together. Great chemistry like "homeland" on crack. Amazing. I love it. I'm dying. Just throwing it out there. From the very beginning you were saying you got to see the show. I love it. It is fantastic. Also cannot get enough of these pictures of heidi klum, the rescue pictures out of hawaii. Incredible coming out over the weekend. Now she's back home safe and sound in los angeles. But every time I see the -- every time I see the photos i think what was the photographer doing? Exactly. Snapping away. Thanks for your help. Sending his kids to college. Exactly. She's doing everything. What's that other guy doing? She's running -- nice bikini. He's enjoying the view. The nannies ran in then she like had to help get them out. It must have been a really terrifying -- you can see it on her face. How does seal feel when he looks at these photos too? Thank goodness everything turned out okay but anyway all safe and sound. Everyone is safe and sound. Pictures you cannot see anymore on you much tube. Blurred lines. You see the uncensored video. No. You can see it on vivo, father rell, t.I. And robin thicke and they're doing this song, not a bad song "blurred line" and all these women are completely topless in the uncensored version the entire time. Oh, wow. It was one of those -- you knew it was -- "blurring the lines." He was. Nothing is blurred at all. Before youtube took it down it got a million views. That's so not shocking. The business of this decision to make this video. Smart because we're sitting here talking about it. Absolutely. Absolutely. It was a stunt and it wasn't like they were completely naked or something like that. The other one on tv today. Jay-z, I mean, the guy, every time he just walks down the street, he's got another business venture. I know. Now he's going to be a sports agent. Signed up robinson cano of the yankees. Incredible. Not quite as unexpected and crazy as it sounds. He has a management company named rock nation that manage rihanna and shakira and adjacen to a bigger deal that he has with live nation which is doing his concert tour with justin timberlake this summer. Like a lot of management companies they have branched out into sports because that is such a lucrative business. Really smart thing here and got robinson cano. Probably $200 million contract. Enormous client to have but he very wisely partnered with caa which really has expertise in this and caa, the biggest agency in hollywood, has a division that represents peyton manning and derek jeter and a lot of otherpeople. Smart business move and not an act of vanity as it sounds like on the surface. Now he's a sports agent. When you put his name on the masthead it gives credibility -- and a cool factor. I equate him with cool and dollar signs. Yes. He's idolized. Thanks a lot.

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{"id":18869359,"title":"YouTube Bans Star's Racy Music Video","duration":"4:10","description":"Robin Thicke's music video for his new song \"Blurred Lines\" features three topless women.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-thicke-blurred-lines-video-unrated-version-banned-18869359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}