Did Giordano Answer All Questions?

Dan Harris interviewed Gary Giordano concerning Robyn Gardner's disappearance.
2:55 | 12/05/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did Giordano Answer All Questions?
Now for the latest on Gary Giordano he spoke out again on Sunday to our Dan Harris here on GMA that after his contentious appearance on GMA on Thursday. Leading to more questions about the moment -- Robyn Gardner disappeared Dan has the latest. Since his release from jail in Aruba last week -- Gary Giordano has been on a high profile hotly contested media tour playing out right here on Good Morning America they want to know. If you had anything to do absolutely not on Thursday morning in an exclusive interview -- Robin Roberts Giordano came out guns blazing. I'm not prepared to this point go from. The moment of that day today in -- -- Refusing to answer some basic questions about what happened the day his traveling companion Robyn Gardner. Disappeared in Aruba. I'm not gonna sit here and answer -- to have answered repeatedly. And raising a totally new theory about the possibility that -- was abducted. By human traffickers. Which you don't know about a -- it is a rumor has two main sources of income and it's not tourism it's cocaine. And human trafficking the next day on GMA as a whole Lotta things that he said that I I got a lot of questions about. Gardner's boyfriend Robert Forster spoke exclusively to George Stephanopoulos complaining about Giordano -- lack of emotion. He doesn't even showing remorse and more importantly his lack of specificity. What's the big question you want to answer. -- -- and so on Sunday Giordano returned to GMA where he finally did answer questions about the moment Gardiner went missing what happened. At some points. I became distressed found out I had a problem coming back to -- And Robin was I -- behind me. And she wasn't. And about human traffickers. So walk me through how that would work boat full of fuel I I don't know how to pull up and take her out of the water and you wouldn't notice. I don't know how that would work. Then why did you bring it out. He also addressed his seemingly. Flat aspect. I believe I was emotional several times during -- interview in your own defense but not when it comes to Robyn Gardner who is somebody you were apparently quite -- -- and is now missing. I don't know how to -- -- he's asking direct questions about my relationship -- Robin and do I miss her they nobody's ever got you. And I'm not quite sure how -- and answer session Mary Robinson -- than satisfied. I do miss her and I personally feel like. In -- against him for me that's how I feel in my mind that I just haven't come to -- -- she's gone. Or Good Morning America Dan Harris ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Dan Harris interviewed Gary Giordano concerning Robyn Gardner's disappearance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15086584","title":"Did Giordano Answer All Questions?","url":"/GMA/video/robyn-gardner-mystery-gary-giordano-answer-questions-abc-15086584"}