Robyn Gardner Mystery: Gary Giordano Flying Home

Aruban officials release man believed to be last person to see Gardner alive.
3:01 | 11/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robyn Gardner Mystery: Gary Giordano Flying Home
Now let's get right to Gary Giordano on the free man this morning after four months -- -- -- prison we're gonna talk to his attorney Jose Baez and just a moment in Aruba. And we're going to be talking live to Gary -- O'Donnell here on GMA tomorrow he's going to be here in our studio. But first ABC's Matt Gutman is in a -- the latest good morning that. Say good morning Robin larger Donald Burke back as a free man -- to pick up the phone and call history such a second act. But to come to this airport and -- the first plane back to the US. Before the High Court here -- and could this I don't keeping -- here another thirty days. I'd give -- got exclusive access mr. -- -- last night but he wasn't quite ready yet to answer the tough questions. Out this was scaring your done -- first emotional call home overnight as a free man because there are federal court. ABC news cameras were there exclusively. In his hotel room as he reached out to his three starts. Yeah that's -- power and -- this embrace with the attorneys. Well after four months helped secure his release Jose -- -- -- was way. It was -- got his first night out of the bathroom -- cell which he shared with two other man. For 116. Days seventeen hours a day the only suspect. In the disappearance of Robyn Gardner Jere Dunn was released late Tuesday generated attention and scored on this tiny island nation. As -- -- left the prison his car immediately swarmed -- -- quarter. Later as he arrived at his hotel he was taunted by -- Murder they shouted without any -- home after police your -- was forced to spend one more night here. But while this morning you're -- only be going home -- is far from home free. If the -- or put attention is given Wii game to file a request from a -- -- balance exhibition with the US authorities. In ordeal that prosecutors here say could take -- -- -- year. And with not a single piece of hard evidence or a single charge pressed it could be difficult to obtain. It is hard to believe that the American authorities would extradite him. Just to let him sit there as they continue the investigation. Lost in all the legal wrangling is Robyn Gardner's family. Still desperately searching for their daughter. In a statement they wrote. Need this to say our family is very disappointed. That even after all this time we are no closer to finding out what happened. To our -- it. And they just a few hours Robin. That High Court is going to convene and it could decide to keep your Donald for another thirty days now -- they do decide that that after. Have to try to extradite him. It could be halfway back the United States but. -- attorneys are saying that it's very unlikely that any US court will -- could -- to come up with a new piece of hard evidence that has eluded them what finally. Find some that some of that hard evidence and finally press charges.

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{"id":15054403,"title":"Robyn Gardner Mystery: Gary Giordano Flying Home","duration":"3:01","description":"Aruban officials release man believed to be last person to see Gardner alive.","url":"/GMA/video/robyn-gardner-mystery-gary-giordano-flying-home-15054403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}