Rocco DiSpirito's Halloween Treats

The chef reveals his holiday favorites and talks about his new show, "Restaurant Divided."
3:05 | 10/29/13

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Transcript for Rocco DiSpirito's Halloween Treats
who stopped by with halloween treats. Good to see you again. Kisses. Kisses and hugs all around. What did you bring for us? I brought you some halloween candy. These are cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes and carrot frosting? The frosting is made out of pureed carrots. And a little cinnamon and spice. A little chili. Glad you like it. Tell us about the new show you're working on. I'm excited. I'm back to food network. It's called "restaurant divided." And a family whose businesses are in desperate situations. Days away from closing usually. And I give them a second chance. I intervene in the family dynam dynamics. We build two restaurants. Open them up on the same day to the public. And let the public decide. And you have to draw a piece of tape down the middle. We divide the restaurant down the middle. And we build two completely different restaurants. You let the people decide which one. The most important factor is what the customers say. Would you come back? And based on other things like financial, my point of view of the long-term ease theability of the concept. I'm sure there's a lot of emotions that are running high. Really good idea for a show. I love that. I think it's -- people will learn a lot from that. And you're helping. There's a lot of takeaway. Heartbreaking emotional family stories. Ooh. Rocco, you're the man to do it. Thank you for the hot chocolate. Thursdays on the food network. A little cayenne spice in there. Nice kick. If you didn't hear, thursday, food network. Thank you. And thanks for the cupcakes.

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{"id":20712720,"title":"Rocco DiSpirito's Halloween Treats","duration":"3:05","description":"The chef reveals his holiday favorites and talks about his new show, \"Restaurant Divided.\"","url":"/GMA/video/rocco-dispiritos-halloween-treats-20712720","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}