'Rock Hard' Grandpa Wows Internet

Robert Durbin, 64, earned his abs of steel with rigorous daily workouts.
2:10 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for 'Rock Hard' Grandpa Wows Internet
And -- deal. Shoulders -- don't. And not what you'd expect from a 64 year old man but that's why Robert Durbin is known as the rock hard -- -- Just after us are working out her thing else -- migrant kids all call me at home specializes. -- -- -- apologists come company naturally. Robert has the physique most when he something's would kill floor and the endurance to go with it. But he hasn't always been liked it. This was Durbin just -- years ago out of state barely able to walk without McCain. Suffering from a -- seniority in -- -- afraid he might not get much more time with his -- kids. -- just got -- that can do that in my kids from hearing catering thing. -- -- -- Roberts' journey to fitness all started here at this southwest YMCA when he came in and got on a treadmill he hasn't looked back cents. Work out for cars -- -- -- -- yards. We -- -- state -- have to wait do a lot of bar won't help him. Stands leaves jam. Now work on the -- -- cash -- And then comeback victory to isolate for kick boxing. Club kettle -- class and -- It's always been dedicated -- -- -- is a hobby and stick with Clinton perfect fit -- when he desire to focus on his body that Clinton really. The county -- that this thing for amusement. Roberts daughter Tiffany billiards is his partner in the jam in as you can see he has no trouble keeping up with Harry back. She struggles to keep up with him that works out -- -- -- him him. -- and -- from the minute that you access. It's living proof that health and fitness don't come with an expiration date. -- -- better now and I do not take him. And while Roberts says it's hard work every single day. Because it's worth it hasn't helped. And his life back -- -- WH -- S eleven news.

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{"id":21048024,"title":"'Rock Hard' Grandpa Wows Internet","duration":"2:10","description":"Robert Durbin, 64, earned his abs of steel with rigorous daily workouts.","url":"/GMA/video/rock-hard-grandpa-wows-internet-21048024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}