Rod Stewart on New Memoir, Marriage and Famous Hair

Rock royalty discusses his successful career, dating supermodels and his famous hair.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Rod Stewart on New Memoir, Marriage and Famous Hair
We're so happy to see you. Thank you very much. Nice to be here. The number one show, I hear. We are very excited, yes. We're so thrilled about your success, through the years. And currently, with your new, "the great american songbook." The pipes are glorious. It's a christmas album coming out. That's the next one. But we enjoyed hearing you do standards. Thank you. And christmas album is comes up next. You didn't like singing, as aed anile a middle guy, right? That sounds terrible. I think it's funny that the gift you have didn't come naturally. I had a bully of a music teacher who made me sing in front of the class. One of your fans. I had a bully that made me sing in front of the class. I had a way to get out of it. I can't describe it on television this time of the day, how I got out. You don't hold back. You talk a lot about when you finally did come out of your shell. And you joined the faces, one of the great groups. You recorded "maggie may." But it's not a song you wanted to release. What is that? Actually, it was on "picture tells a story." We only had nine songs. We needed ten. What was it about "maggie may." That chorus in the middle. I have this other song, if you want to put it on the album. And there was a disc jockey who played the "b" song. And it became an anthem for so many of our younger years. Indeed. Probably, lara, it was. You know, you are so naughty. You never change. You're doing pretty well yourself. Well, thank you, rod. Let's focus on you, please. Okay. Number one show, you know? Yes. Let's talk about another one of your songs, rod. THE DISCO HIT IN THE LATE '70s, Called "do ya think I'm sexy?" You weren't even born then. Thank you. But again, let's talk about you. This is a song a lot of people wondered who you were talking about. It's me commentating on a situation. It was never about me. No. Never about you. But it became a bit of your anthem. Yeah. And then, there was the hair. The hair is something you're very candid about it. It's your signature. But you didn't use products. Products weren't invented in those days. We had to use, you know, hot water and sugar to make it stick up. We have a montage for you. Yes, indeed. Things haven't changed at all, have they? But you modified it. You have a strict rule how many centimeters high, correct in. Yes. Six centimeters. What was your inspiration for the style? WAY BACK IN THE '60s, GUYS Were wearing their hair in the bouffant style. I was a beatnick and decided to copy that style. Penny, your beautiful wife number three. Yeah. You've got eight children. Eight children. One grandchild. You've been with some of the most beautiful women in the world. We noticed a trend. There's a lot of blondes in there. Yes, indeed, there are, lara. Funny how it came out. How is life? Have you settled down? Absolutely. I'm 100%, 1 million, couldn't be happier. I go and play soccer with my 6-year-old. You're still playing soccer? I play in a regular vets league. What made you decide to be so honest to finally write this? It's the only way to be when you write a book, I think. Just -- destroy some of the myths and some of the half-myths, which I attempted to do. You certainly have. It's a great read. Your fans are all in here. Rod stewart, best of luck with the book. Best of luck with the christmas cd coming out. And the gorgeous songs we all know and love. Sam, I know you're outside with the final check of the

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{"id":17552212,"title":"Rod Stewart on New Memoir, Marriage and Famous Hair","duration":"3:00","description":"Rock royalty discusses his successful career, dating supermodels and his famous hair.","url":"/GMA/video/rod-stewart-memoir-marriage-famous-hair-17552212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}