Romney Highlights Religion Amid Gingrich's Rise

Jake Tapper explains risks, benefits of Mitt Romney discussing his Mormon faith.
2:22 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Romney Highlights Religion Amid Gingrich's Rise
The screen Jake Tapper from more analysis right now this is a big shift Jake for the Romney campaign. Up to another -- trying to downplay questions of faith these are questions about his Mormon faith. As well but I I take -- they think the risk is worth it. Absolutely you know in 2008. Romney was known. As attacked for attacking his opponents he has generally held back but with this threat from Gingrich here we have it. -- happens and what we have here is Mitt Romney basically saying in this and yes I'm a Mormon but at least I'm not a full Lander were like. Newt Gingrich as -- George. This has real risks of course -- reminds Iowa conservative voters many of whom are evangelical. And do not approve of Mormon is and it reminds them of Romney's faith. But also it does remind them about Gingrich's personal life which is something that many of them view is having a whole record of immorality. So what is the downside will be Gingrich campaign. They say that this is Romney basically saying. My family is better than your family they say as long as Gingrich is honest about his past indiscretions. Voters care a lot more about leadership and the economy. They say this will backfire -- and we -- Chris Christie of course getting tougher Mitt Romney as well. Last night and the Romney campaign going to be rolling out more surrogates take on speaker Gingrich directly. One of them could have been handpicked by Gingrich to hear them tell it. Former White House chief of staff for George H. W. Bush. John Sununu the former governor of New Hampshire he will be leading the charge this morning on a Romney conference call he will be the designated pit bull against Newt Gingrich. But listen this is what the Gingrich people say they say Sununu doesn't like Gingrich because he opposed George HW Bush's deal to raise taxes in 1990. Why does the Romney campaign want to remind people that Gingrich led the charge against raising taxes does Mitt Romney support raising taxes they think that this couldn't be a better surrogate to be attacking them. OK Jake Tapper thanks very much as he mentioned are -- just two days away from the next big Republican debate on Saturday. Science -- in Iowa -- to Moines Iowa it is across ABC network at 9 eastern 6 Pacific. And before the debate download -- into now -- -- your iPad or iPhone it's a brand new way -- away and your opinions on the debate as it happened. And even -- working partner percent.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Jake Tapper explains risks, benefits of Mitt Romney discussing his Mormon faith.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15111517","title":"Romney Highlights Religion Amid Gingrich's Rise","url":"/GMA/video/romney-highlights-religion-amid-gingrichs-rise-15111517"}