Romney 'Missed Opportunity' to Take on Limbaugh

Analyst says GOP front-runner should have challenged radio host's "slut" remark.
0:39 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Romney 'Missed Opportunity' to Take on Limbaugh
That out our political analyst let's Begin on this -- controversy. Number one doesn't have legs and to you really think the -- -- miss an opportunity here. -- well I think it has legs and I think at this space that were occupying -- room when the Republicans who want to be talking about the economy and taking on Barack Obama. Where it's now -- it's become less a sideshow more centering in the conference and it just takes away time. I think Mitt Romney -- a huge opportunities -- some strength. Basically take on Rush Limbaugh. Say this is not the kind of thing we want in our political discourse is not kind of thing has been -- unifier country. And basically use it as it turned to go back to Barack Obama -- we need to unify the country and this is not the language and we -- -- use. I think the problem is Mitt Romney as we -- -- is a bit risk averse and has a hard time making that her -- anyone take the risk as he is gaining strength going to Super Tuesday tomorrow it sure looks like coming -- that -- and -- five wins in a row. He's probably gonna -- the most states tomorrow almost certainly gonna win the most delegates can he put it away tomorrow. I don't think he can put it away tomorrow but I think in the end is you've seen all these endorsements that come up over the course of the last few days people that we're sitting on the sidelines. It's beginning to beat it beat pressure from people to say. It's time for this thing -- end I don't think it'll go away because the delegates will still go on but it begins to sort of say when -- be successful they'll put the conversation now and Newt Gingrich will stay -- if he wins Georgia Rick Santorum will stay and if he wins Ohio -- that's going to be split on the states -- won't be a really a split on the delegates Mitt Romney will win the delegates but there will be a split on the -- And we could see -- -- opportunity a small window. That Newt Gingrich could ever resurgence after tomorrow. He wins Georgia which is the biggest state tomorrow night -- their other southern states coming up next -- is close and could finish close in Ohio we could finish second in Tennessee he could get a little lift out of but I -- -- about this yesterday there's no way he can get the delegates he needs before the convention there's no way anybody really other than Mitt Romney can get the delegates they need. For the convention that's the problem of the math right now we're focusing on the -- but I think after tomorrow the math becomes almost impossible for anybody else other than Mitt Romney to win this nominees in the position that Barack Obama was four years ago really can't be caught absolutely and he wants to turn to the -- general election but this Rush -- thing is keeping him from doing that payment thanks very much.

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{"id":15848368,"title":"Romney 'Missed Opportunity' to Take on Limbaugh","duration":"0:39","description":"Analyst says GOP front-runner should have challenged radio host's \"slut\" remark.","url":"/GMA/video/romney-missed-opportunity-limbaugh-15848368","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}