Romney, Obama Polls Paint Confusing Picture Going Into Final Debate

David Kerley, John Avlon report on the latest status of presidential candidates.
3:00 | 10/20/12

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Transcript for Romney, Obama Polls Paint Confusing Picture Going Into Final Debate
The race for president which is quickly becoming a -- numbers game -- your voice your vote only seventeen days until the election and two days. Until that final debate and this morning the latest polls are painting a confusing. And somewhat ominous picture could -- be heading toward a mixed muddled outcome which would throw our political system into turmoil. ABC's David -- is that the White House this morning David good morning. There are telling you what this morning -- polls are all over the map Mitt Romney is leading nationwide the president's leading in some of the big battleground -- so we are are we are really the road to where one candidate to win the popular vote. And the other -- in the Electoral College. I don't -- in November if you lose into the candidates. Romney last night the Obama campaign has become the incredible shrinking campaign it sounds like a close race. The president with a new attack line. He's changing up so much so backtracked and -- sidestepped them -- that gets called Romney Asia. It. But -- how do you explain this the latest Gallup poll showing Mitt Romney up by six count them six points nationwide. A blowout right. Wrong even the Romney people don't believe that number. Shouldn't pay attention just one poll we don't have all that much data right now believe it or not we don't have that much public data the campaigns have a lot of information we don't we do have new state polls showing that the president holds a lead in three critical midwest states. Iowa Wisconsin and most importantly Ohio. We're both candidates are spending a whole lot of time and a whole lot of money the president with a -- -- Without a president Obama's rescue the auto industry -- final. -- collapsed. If the president can hold those three states he will win the Electoral College. Even if Mitt Romney gets more votes -- little retro like and bush gore 2002 when Al Gore got more votes but George Bush became president public -- we'll get ready. It may not be probable and -- it is possible and again there. Absolutely -- me a scenario. That Romney wins the popular vote present Obama wins the Electoral College vote and as we know Electoral College winner. Is the one who becomes president. Just to give you a sense of how close this race is the newspaper endorsements are starting to come out and down in Orlando in Florida the paper there. Went for Obama four years ago now the going for Romney but the Tampa papers says it's Obama. Salt Lake City going for Obama instead -- Romney so it's really a close race still. As we get down to these last couple weeks can't -- Razor thin indeed all right David thanks again for more investments -- -- senior columnist for Newsweek and the Daily Beast John Avalon thanks so much for coming and more -- guys. So how likely is a repeat of the 2000 election how damaging would that be for the country given how polarized it's become it would really be tough because of course -- compounds all the polarization that's in our politics right now. But as we all know we've been there before and this is really premature it is possible. It is still too soon to say it's likely what we can't say for certain is that this is -- folks this is a photo finish we are heading to. The polls all over the place and it's all done of those key battleground states not premature to talk about Monday night's debate -- it's it's really striking how impact for the debates have been this year. Tens of millions of viewers you can see the impact of the debate performances in the polls very shortly -- -- Monday night's debate will -- the light is it likely to have as much impact given that it's. Focus on foreign policy and it was -- had to of these things. Well first of all as you said I mean this year answered the question whether debates debates matter they do you. They really do and this -- I think matters because it's in effect the tiebreaker Romney won the first one going away really changed the dynamics this campaign entirely. Present Obama's strong second debate performance -- this is the tiebreaker it is back to that first debate format Bob jeepers moderating and it's on foreign policy look foreign policy doesn't always attract people's attention and campaigns. But it's what really matters in a presidency. And and so you know all I shouldn't be on this because it's what a president does folks in this is a very tumultuous world right now lot of tipping point. And foreign policy in the news with what's going on in -- as -- foreign policy typically a weak spot for Democrats and not necessarily in this case though that's been one of the fascinating things about the Obama presidency because this has become a strength for President Obama. Because the killing of Osama bin Laden the draw down from Iraq and Afghanistan and the focusing on al-Qaeda. Libya Syria though all these storm clouds on horizon the people present Obama will be to say that Mitt Romney who doesn't have much -- -- foreign policy record really would represent a continuation or returned to the bush era policies. There were deeply unpopular that's an argument he's gonna happen prosecute and it does come very oddly the Democrat in a position of strength on foreign policy in this presidential election very usual people. Paying attention to their words and their body language as well -- -- all right John thank you so much for appreciating an end. And much won the race for the White House tomorrow morning on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos and do chilling Georgia and Diane Sawyer who may -- coverage. The final presidential debate starting at 9 eastern Monday night.

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{"id":17524546,"title":"Romney, Obama Polls Paint Confusing Picture Going Into Final Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"David Kerley, John Avlon report on the latest status of presidential candidates.","url":"/GMA/video/romney-obama-polls-paint-confusing-picture-final-debate-17524546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}