Romney, Obama Stop Campaigning for Hardcore Debate Prep

David Kerley, George Stephanopoulos review the candidates' debate strategies.
3:00 | 09/30/12

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Transcript for Romney, Obama Stop Campaigning for Hardcore Debate Prep
veins. T-minus three days to what could be a pivotal point in the presidential race. Cramming their facts and honing their one-liners. It's your voice, your vote with just 37 days left until the election. David kerley is with us here at the desk. Good to see you. Dan, this is a big debate. This is part performance, part policy. The stakes are always high. For mitt romney, some are saying it's make or break. For the president, it's about not letting his challenger back in the race. President obama is in nevada this morning when he'll spend the next three days in debate camp. And he heads into the debate with the latest gallup tracking poll still showing president obama showing a lead this morning, 6 points. If romney doesn't do well in this debate it will be hard to get back in this race. Mitt romney has to avoid be appearing detached. HIS TO-DO LIST, THE THREE Cs Show compassion, that he's competent and that he indeed can connect to voters. ON THOSE THREE Cs, THAT'S Where he's got to really do well. Reporter: While they lead in the polls, team obama know that debates can be a game-changer. He needs to avoid appearing irritable aor impatient. They need him to answer questions short, concise. The pressure is on for this debate. It could be a huge audience. Anywhere between 50 million to 65 million may tune in to see these two men square off on wednesday night. David, great to see you live. Let's bring in "this week" host george stephanopoulos. The goal wednesday night is for each candidate to focus on the other person's weakness. Exactly. To avoid a justin bieber moment. I think obviously, there's much more pressure as david said on mitt romney. He's got to force an error out of president obama, he wants to dominate the coverage coming out of the debate so that he can get some momentum. On one hand, he has to be very tough on putting the pressure on president obama. He'll have a tough balancing act on wednesday night. How much pressure is he under? Huge, huge. Romney is behind in all of the battleground states. This is the last big audience that mitt romney is going to have with about 4 1/2 weeks to go. The third debate in late october n the battle ground states, because of this early voting a third of the voters with votes already in the can. So far, the polls at least that mitt romney hasn't been able to capitalize on the economy right now. Do you think that he could do that with foreign policy? That's right. The president is facing a lot of questions of the american ambassador chris stevens in benghazi. Going to be something. Thank you so much.

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{"id":17358948,"title":"Romney, Obama Stop Campaigning for Hardcore Debate Prep","duration":"3:00","description":"David Kerley, George Stephanopoulos review the candidates' debate strategies.","url":"/GMA/video/romney-obama-stop-campaigning-hardcore-debate-prep-17358948","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}