Romney Takes Aim at Conservatives

GOP hopeful tried to convince CPAC attendees that he was one of them.
2:42 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Romney Takes Aim at Conservatives
Your voice your vote in this morning Mitt Romney in the lions -- trying to prove his ideological purity. We'll big crowd of right wingers that -- -- called the super involved more conservatives and ABC's David Curley is alive at this so called C pact summit this morning. To David didn't work. We're gonna find out later today -- -- at least 101000 conservatives hold a straw poll but Mitt Romney had one job when he walked into this room and -- was to convince the conservatives he is one of them he -- not have won them all over but he sure did talk their language. Romney so wants conservatives to fall in love with him I know conservatism. Because I have lived conservatism. But many -- -- a Canadian. Dubbed by opponents in Massachusetts moderate he keeps talking about his record as governor and how he had his -- conservative record but. The facts don't necessarily support that -- and I fought against long odds in a deep blue state. But I was -- severely. Conservative Republican governor severely conservative he said. As he proclaimed support for traditional marriage repealing Health Care Reform cutting the budget and I will reverse every single Obama. Regulation. That attacks our religious liberty and threatens innocent life in this country. But the four man worth a quarter million dollars or a couple of times -- wondered whether. I was gonna get a pink -- who has fumbled when talking about his wealth what's effective right -- -- on its late. The closer to the 15% rate -- a new message a full throated defense of his business life. Which brought the crowd's biggest war. I did some of the very things conservatism is designed for I started to businesses. And turnaround broken ones. And I'm not ashamed to say that I was successful in doing it. Romney may have made some progress. It was are passionate today and I think he brought a lot of people around and got no closer -- but he says he's going to do. And -- another big test for Romney today to caucuses in Maine right near Massachusetts and yet Romney isn't worried why. WC hustle up the right after he appeared here it's the pact is because Ron Paul's doing pretty well in Maine. And also because you lost those three primaries last week to -- Rick Santorum. Who swept those so Romney's really trying to make a statement in Maine that he can still be a winner. It's a little bit ironic here because think about this for years ago here at -- back Ronnie got out of the race he's hoping this is the turning toward the puts his campaign back. On a winning track.

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{"id":15561664,"title":"Romney Takes Aim at Conservatives","duration":"2:42","description":"GOP hopeful tried to convince CPAC attendees that he was one of them.","url":"/GMA/video/romney-takes-aim-conservatives-15561664","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}