Ron Paul: Tops in Iowa?

John Berman reports on the signs the outsider could win the GOP nomination.
3:37 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Ron Paul: Tops in Iowa?
Out of politics your voice your vote -- with -- in two weeks before the first votes in Iowa. The race for the Republican nomination is harder -- than ever. Would Newt Gingrich fading under heavy fire they're all kinds of signs a perennial outsider Ron Paul could actually win in Iowa. Any BC's John Berman is one with the war on what's going on what that could mean for the race and John at this point just about everyone has been on top and Iowa. Yeah you're the question is whose turn it will it be next in the real -- this morning as you mentioned the possibility that wrong Paul. Could be the winner there but our new polling -- this morning shows how difficult is -- After Iowa. Might be. He might be seventy seats -- -- restaurant. Could you could tell them welcome back while he was with the -- you. Albeit -- cult type of Malaysia here and I just say get the government everybody's life. This libertarian who wants to abolish Medicare who opposes most all foreign intervention. Who wants to legalize drugs knows he has a shot in Iowa. Why he told ABC's Jon Karl ET supporters. They're very sincere and true believers. And they're going to be their owner IW -- -- because the wind is blowing. A small army of young completed decide but the problem a bigger army that's not lighting. -- a new ABC news poll just 32%. View him favorably 35%. Unfavorably. In 51%. Of Republicans use his own party don't think he has the temperament and character to serve. He's for real status is raising questions about a newsletter he said -- in the ninety's we incendiary language like calling. Martin Luther King. I didn't -- and I disavow is those those messengers from whatever was written. If he didn't win the caucuses it could torpedo Newt Gingrich for goods and help Mitt Romney who might have fewer obstacles in New Hampshire. Overnight Gingrich lashed out Mitt Romney. For saying he couldn't control millions of dollars in negative ads being run by pro Romney backers. Know what makes Barack Obama happy. Newt Gingrich's backing -- His people. His is doing his dirty work and if Romney doesn't speak up at least to be clear that literally -- totally as a leader -- -- If you want more politicians. Now some more news overnight -- -- Gary Johnson the former Republican governor of New Mexico -- one as a third party libertarian now if Ron Paul were to run as a third party candidate which he hasn't ruled out. Our poll shows it would be a huge boost for President Obama. I get to the primaries and caucuses first and -- you said it's also scrambled in Iowa right now we also saw yesterday Rick Santorum former senator. For Pennsylvania campaign in every county on -- In Iowa yesterday heat got. Two endorsements from major Christian conservative leaders and -- social conservatives make up a huge. Voting bloc in Iowa and if there were ever coalesce around one candidate the end. He could make for a surprise on January 3 which is why you see Rick Santorum Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry all scrambling for the votes right now Rick Perry even change the name of his bus on his bus -- from. Get America working again to. Faith jobs and freedom now as you mentioned the candidate who can claim may be the most momentum or -- and -- ranked him as he calls it is Rick Santorum. Picking up those key endorsements and Iowa insiders say if someone's going to outperform the polls in might be Rick Santorum -- OK John Berman thanks very much.

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{"id":15204080,"title":"Ron Paul: Tops in Iowa?","duration":"3:37","description":"John Berman reports on the signs the outsider could win the GOP nomination.","url":"/GMA/video/ron-paul-gop-frontrunner-iowa-15204080","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}