Can Paul Knock Out Gingrich, Romney?

James Carville, Matthew Dowd discuss congressman's chances in the Iowa caucus.
3:56 | 12/26/11

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Transcript for Can Paul Knock Out Gingrich, Romney?
-- want to bring in now our two top political strategists are ABC news contributors James Carville. And Matthew Dowd and not -- want to start with you you said last Friday don't count Newt Gingrich -- but that was before. He failed to get on the ballot there in Virginia and in before his champions we just -- and Jake's piece. And now energize that failure to the Pearl Harbor tragedy in which some 2400 people were killed so. What about now -- Well I think Newt has a great capacity be forgiven in this time he's got -- -- stick Teflon on him that the other candidates who dropped out didn't Michelle Bachmann Rick Perry. And Herman Cain all dropped to went to single digits and never came back. Keep in mind Newt Gingrich is tied nationally in the polls he's been in four straight holes tied nationally. I think this race right now unless somebody changes the dynamic and Iowa is a race between Ron Paul Mitt Romney. And Newt Gingrich all of whom have tremendous baggage and all of whom a majority of Republicans have worries about but it's going to be one of the three -- James what do you think well how does this hurt how does -- -- -- Well I'm minutes do it together here in from the mega mouth on mega Monday -- are getting is that batters -- -- -- -- on the ballot in Virginia which in an and it kind of close race could actually mean started. Secondly it's probably indicative of of something else that they that they weren't prepared but if you -- unable to do this. And you know it detective story -- -- a -- -- -- -- that is right he has shown some pretty remarkable -- here. And I'll greatest guys have baggage that in his not to carry on kind of baggage -- of the kind of stuff you -- -- -- a lot of -- Meanwhile -- -- as Matthew said with the Iowa vote just days away it seems that the front runners in the state don't match up with the national polls. What's seen you've -- that Ron Paul continues to sit atop a lot of polls in that state despite as we heard Jake's piece. Those racially divisive newsletter that he profited from that bore his name in the eighties and nineties. I was always. You know don't far some particularly conservative candidates are remember that pat Robinson did very well have Huckabee did it you know not not and -- win nomination. But it's not surprisingly calls messages really -- newsletters -- some pretty some pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is called -- but it certainly have I think disqualified. Him that'll be present United States. Matthew Ron -- -- he still look does he still feel like a front runner to -- in the state. Well in Iowa I think because he's one of the only candidates out there that -- that is high enough in the polls and has -- passion behind them. Its interest in these Republican voters are both looking for somebody that's authentically conservative and speaks their mind. But it's also competent vacancy in the White House. Each of -- candidates each of the three candidates Gingrich Romney and Paul have difficulties on -- but right now Paul has the authenticity even if some people don't like where he stands. And he's got the passion and for an Iowa caucus -- a little over a 100000 people vote. That is the main thing that is the main thing passion. So Matthew -- -- Mitt Romney you're watching all of this happened how are you feeling about what's gonna take place in a week. Well I think you prefer. You definitely prefer Ron Paul to win Iowa then Newt Gingrich because if Newt Gingrich wins Iowa and he goes in to New Hampshire with momentum and he goes in the South Carolina. And Mitt Romney this process goes for a long period of time until April -- may so I think Mitt Romney if he can't win he wants Ron Paul the -- Newt Gingrich doesn't gain some momentum. Going into the following states -- very quickly vice president Joseph Biden -- adding in the Des Moines Register on Friday it certainly seems the White House believes that Mitt Romney. In the end will carry the day what do you think. I hope that I hope that he was you know probably go don't -- long time ending any day is a problem -- -- -- -- I think it's interesting that he'd -- to peace and end of -- -- register it at this time it shows that the White House -- not -- invited to -- active trying to get the middle of this story pretty interest is pretty everything this time last few months are any -- we certainly. Haven't seen the last of this yet James -- we appreciate the time Elizabeth.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"James Carville, Matthew Dowd discuss congressman's chances in the Iowa caucus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15233153","title":"Can Paul Knock Out Gingrich, Romney?","url":"/GMA/video/ron-paul-knock-gingrich-romney-iowa-15233153"}