Behind the Scenes at the Rose Bowl Parade

Josh Elliott finds out what goes into staging the spectacular event.
5:45 | 01/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Behind the Scenes at the Rose Bowl Parade
-- inside look. At a beloved New Year's tradition the Rose Parade Josh is there in Pasadena with a special behind the scenes look at all the work and fun. That goes in the staging the spectacular event that I have the pleasure do -- -- back in the day. And boy what -- -- -- -- Josh. Oh it certainly is Robin and boy you are -- of course in just a couple hours. This -- behind me dozens like it will make its way here down orange grove boulevard before turning right on the Colorado. As the 123. Edition of this parade. It gets under way almost a million people are gonna -- this parade route I actually did it as a high schooler to watch -- -- actually. -- itself back to the nineteenth century when horse drawn carriages -- the preferred mode of transport it is fair to say. But that has all changed so we thought it would be fun to take you behind the scenes now. Of an American classic. I'm just really didn't by midnight tonight -- The man they come from far and why according to equipment industry -- I'm pretty. Oh I see a big business notes and is this here in -- right here this. That's an event. You -- products bond set up camp for the night and waits we have winter and. To give us more. -- doesn't want to be right. -- tired and I. -- singular American tradition. You can't remember and Nall want to bring their -- have brought me here and I can't hear it right side. It all began in. 18100 denying in the past in the valley hunt club invited their East Coast friends to head west and take -- -- -- Chariot race jousting. But before the game -- would -- hit parade. Showcase the city's salary. Fast forward well over 100 years -- just elaborate floats the size of football fields. Nation powered by -- and in. Plus feet from flowers or other organic material we are placing our kids. We'll wait to make -- month. We'll hear and read heard seen the end -- need sesame seed coat and. It will once again. This record setting. This here. He said not one but two world records. Yeah unbelievably recent defector report long record -- for the -- -- -- -- 497. We broke the record for. The world's heaviest -- this year it's almost 4032000. -- and this thing all over 65. Tons when it's making its way down the parade -- So I'm sitting at the controls of the longest and heaviest -- ever built in the 123. Year history of the tournament of roses parade. There is one catch however. I can't see where I'm going. That's what -- -- comes it. On top of the -- it's their job to tell the driver wouldn't turn him. Carville certainly. That's right -- -- big golf about a two foot waves created here. And ill will propel the dog about seventy feet down there the right all the way to the end. That's to skateboarding dogs -- this year. He's traded -- efforts are hitting the waves some friends. Including -- Viewers know well Internet sensation -- the scooter -- -- there are many reading you -- and are you ready. -- -- -- -- -- Grant Marshall JR Martinez is ready as well and hopes to inspire -- along the route. When they see me smiling and waving. I want them to understand that it wasn't always smiles and -- and you know -- -- agree parade it was tough at times but you fight through anything positive you believe what better way. It's gonna be like saying that you're member of this severe life. I could tell you actually three generations of my family -- in various capacities. On this parade is the one prayer -- when -- -- my mom the teller I was going to be an -- prayed that she was actually moved to tears I quickly want to introduce. The man responsible for -- afloat behind me it is from the Indonesian tourism board this is fits into -- and assistant justice the president of fiesta floats and built it. That's it quickly it's what we needed conception of the -- behind us what if a -- I'd like to say happy new year to all of Miami -- friends. What -- says now coming back -- a vote on our policies. Off the sixty years if you may see he had at least -- -- -- yet symbolizes. -- -- -- -- Pickett and it means that unite the -- CD but more then there unite be -- never CB and harmony -- receding. That is absolutely beautiful very quickly -- how long did it take to actually build this thing. Don't want to get the blueprints to undergo three -- -- months they'll float is remarkable again for all the -- combined we are talking hundreds of thousands of man hours. And millions upon millions of flowering blooms and it's all coming up right here on ABC at 11 AM eastern I have a great. Pleasure and honor is Robin you well now posting the parade this year we hope to -- You will be seeing us welcome home mayor Johnson have a great time we will that is can be watching how modest is actually listen to it on the radio. That's how Saks using a sale can imagine how the script they can't be afraid -- let me -- -- Nelson.

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{"duration":"5:45","description":"Josh Elliott finds out what goes into staging the spectacular event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15273138","title":"Behind the Scenes at the Rose Bowl Parade","url":"/GMA/video/rose-bowl-josh-elliott-scenes-iconic-parade-15273138"}