Royal Baby Announcement Game Plan

Bianna Golodryga reports on the royals plan to announce the happy news.
2:52 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Announcement Game Plan
It geo political story of an entirely different variety now in are -- ally Great Britain this morning they are on high alert not because of some sort of security threat because of the impending arrival of a royal baby let's go back to be out in London -- -- -- they've got this elaborate plan to roll out the news when it comes. Walk us through it. Well damn -- here's what we know we believe the duchess is -- to go into labor any day any hour any minute now quite frankly. She will be delivering at Saint Mary's hospital but of course this is no ordinary delivery were talking about a future king. Or queen of England so there are -- set of protocols that they will be following a set of orders an announcements the first announcement will be when the duchess has been admitted -- The -- announcement will be the formal birth announcement. And that the announcement will be when the duchess and the baby leave the hospital in the days following the delivery. Now the birth itself will be announced on a creamy Buckingham Palace headed paper signed by the medical staff taking part in the delivery the baby will be delivered by the queen's royal gynecologists. And the announcement will be handed to a waiting driver get this and driven then with police escorts. To Buckingham Palace right behind needed be displayed on an easel on the palace gate. Now upon posting we will know then the sex of the child as well as the weight most likely not been named yet. And like the late Princess Diana Kate has chosen the -- -- at Saint Mary's in the private suite likely to cost up to 151000. Dollars. This royal baby will only be the second future monarch in history to be born in a hospital following his father Prince William his or her father that is. And the cake isn't too posh to push she's hoping for a natural delivery not planning necessary and and we also did it blaming -- do not -- the sex though I have to tell you that the most people here are rooting for a girl. Why what we've already watched two adorable boys William and Harry grow up before our eyes. Plus history would be made -- Kate delivers a girl since earlier this year both the queen and parliament changes that the succession law allowing the first born even -- -- -- girl to take the throne. We also believe that Kate's mother Carol and sister -- will likely be with Kate during labor and the delivery room they're very close family and in addition -- -- salute of 41 nuns will be fired to mark the occasion when Kate does give birth. Asked for top possible names for the baby it's a girl Alexandra Victoria and Charlotte. And if it's a boy. It's George I think Daniel and Ronald woods would -- As well yes I read that the odds of being placed on the girl named Chardonnay 250 to one night a man Chardonnay and Wayne also 250 ones that we know which direction and not do it. Even higher. Beyond even higher than that 5000 to one the ought to be on -- -- I don't think our guys thank you got a welcome back to you later in the show I love that she's not too posh to push either.

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{"id":19656658,"title":"Royal Baby Announcement Game Plan","duration":"2:52","description":"Bianna Golodryga reports on the royals plan to announce the happy news.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-announcement-game-plan-19656658","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}