Prince William, Kate 'Could Not Be Happier About Son

The proud father spent the night at the hospital with his wife and newborn.
5:13 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for Prince William, Kate 'Could Not Be Happier About Son
southwest plane. And people staying up all night to celebrate the royal arrival. Let's get to rainy london. Lara is there with amy. We couldn't afford two umbrellas. And are they on their phones? We're under one umbrella. We're on our cell phones because we cannot hear you. All of the equipment has died because of the downpour. I was going to show you the newspapers. But here's what it looks like. Here's the headlines. Here in london. They disintegrated. But the ones that survived are really fantastic. And amy and I are not being rude. This is the only way we can hear you in new york. "It's a boy," says the "star." And "the sun" changed its name to "the son." If only the sun would come out now, it would be better. Behind us, the lindo wing, we're learning that maybe we'll see the royal baby and mom and dad for the first time. And so much of the press corps has been here for 3 1/2 weeks. I've been here for five days. But for all of those moments, all eyes have been on the lindo wing there, waiting for some news. We got that yesterday. It was a fantastic moment. Everybody celebrated. Screaming and cheering in the streets. And we're here still waiting because we want to see that baby cambridge. We want to see the family come down the steps. But we saw a modern twist to so much of what we were expecting. And we still got that steeped history of tradition. Abc news has learned that prince william spent the night at the room in the lindo wing, near his wife and new son. The royal couple spent the evening calls friends and family, to deliver the news personally. The prince's first call was believed to be to the queen, who said she was, quote, delighted. Then, to his father. This morning, charles and camilla talked to reporters at an appearance in yorkshire. For four hours, the baby's arrival was kept secret. Then, it rang out, via town cryer. Reporter: Some ten hours after being admitted to st. Mary's hospital, kate delivered a baby boy. At the hospital entrance, paparazzi captured pizza being delivered by royal security. Possibly for the royal couple. As official word of the baby's arrival was being placed on an easel, at buckingham palace. It's just exciting to be here. We don't have anything in the united states like this. It's amazing, isn't it? It's the heir to the throne. It doesn't happen every day, does it? We've been celebrating all evening. Reporter: As day turned tonight, tributes for the newest heir to the throne poured in. London's trafalgar square was changed to blue. And spelling out boy on the ship's deck. Celebrations in the streets. Champagne was flowing. The pubs around london were packed. There's more reasons to celebration because there's so much we don't know. Including the name. One thing we're excited about is when the queen will meet the new grandchild. The first steps for a few family. Walk down these steps before being whisked away to their new home. Overnight, the couple did not accept visitors. It's not clear if the grandparents will wait for the couple to get settled first. The royal couple will raise their bundle of joy in kensington palace. It's within the same palace that william grew up. I don't know for its design and picturesque gardens. This morning, prince william is on diaper duty. Kate and william are expected to travel that her parents, buckleberry. Kate is going to spent time with her mother. Mums will get up in the night. And take care of the baby. Reporter: Later this week, the duke and duchess are expected to bring their newest heir to visit the queen, to she can meet her great grandson for the first time. It will be more in the first time in a half-century, who a monarch had a great grandchild

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{"id":19744034,"title":"Prince William, Kate 'Could Not Be Happier About Son","duration":"5:13","description":"The proud father spent the night at the hospital with his wife and newborn.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-prince-william-happier-son-19744034","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}