Royal Baby Will Never Know Diana

Prince William, Kate Middleton are expected to pass along the values of the beloved Princess.
3:41 | 07/14/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Will Never Know Diana
-- -- tender hooks or in the UK and we are to hear GMA awaiting the addition. The -- of the royal navy and this new addition to the royal family will be surrounded by queens princesses do. Us and dutchess and of course it every woman wants in the -- -- -- -- like the entire country the entire world. Waiting and hoping to imagine the pressure now I can't I just can't have but there is -- -- grandmother the royal baby will never now. The late Princess Diana prince William and Kate are expected to pass along the values that she instilled in her children so let's -- to -- just outside. Buckingham Palace -- -- -- Hey good morning guys well there's no doubt that this future king -- -- will have privileged life most of us can only dream up. But one thing this child will be deprived of is that of a paternal grandmother and given -- Diana Spencer was one of the world's most famous women. One have to wonder what kind of -- grandmother she would have been. She was the princess revered asked the perfect mother forever showering affection on her -- Now many wonder what Diana might have been like as a grandmother and. Kind of a grandmother which he had been this child it's intriguing to one -- -- whether she could -- a great granny as well I think she'd have been right on the cutting edge. Trying to introduce new ideas. -- revolutionized the role of royal mothers insisting that her boys have as normal -- childhood as possible. But she also insisted that her boys learn about those less fortunate. Trying to really sports William how to work with the public. How to empathize with the people of great person. She famously took William and Harry to visit aids victims and the homeless. Many believe she would have work to do similar socially conscious things with her grandchildren. Perhaps with her own FaceBook and Twitter accounts. I'm -- Diane where she alive would have -- and brought. And she'd be getting her grandchildren involved in that sort of thing and his advice united getting -- fuel rods and then remembering. Since her death her boys have worked tirelessly to honor their mother holding charity concerts in her memory and doing relief work in Africa. William noted that would -- propose to -- to Diana's memory include a large when it came time to selecting a ring. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sought but it was -- -- I'm supposed to -- over Iran to Sharon knew who Tom the fungus -- mystical roots of this is my way of keeping so personal. Experts say Diana may not be present in body when William and Kate welcome their child. But she most certainly will be there in spirit. I think if this is that they'll they'll be. -- Diana named in that doing all -- to Diana. It's a very. Very high priority. The Prince William as we see if -- time you'll see Diana and William and alongside with -- they really all important virtue. Of Diana the people's princess. And next month marks the sixtieth anniversary of Diana's death in that car accident in Paris and aside from people wondering what -- -- -- -- like as a grandmother a lot of people are speculating what her relationship would have been like. With Kate as a mother and lots -- a lot of people we speak -- say that they probably -- gotten along but there may have been a hint of jealousy Diana would be 53 years old where she was beautiful woman who was always in the spotlight. Having Kate sort of step -- And take some of that attention away may not have done so well and -- -- well with her. They're fascinating dynamics of interest to think about also interesting to watch those pictures of what -- an affectionate mom she wasn't that was sort of out of step with the -- the royals did it until it really -- very nurturing my Ecstasy ads. Thank Indiana.

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{"id":19661290,"title":"Royal Baby Will Never Know Diana","duration":"3:41","description":"Prince William, Kate Middleton are expected to pass along the values of the beloved Princess.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-baby-princess-diana-19661290","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}