Royal Baby's Birth a Money Making Machine

A look at the economy developing around memorabilia of Kate Middleton, Prince William's baby.
3:28 | 07/13/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby's Birth a Money Making Machine
The royal baby hasn't been born yet. But he or she is making a lot of people a lot of money. We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars. Bianna said almost $500 million spent on every kind of memorabilia you can imagine. And some idtems you probably never heard of. Let's go back to london and bianna. Hi, guys. When talking about a baby, you talk about how expensive they are. Thousands of dollars for your average family. But this baby, the reverse. Pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into an economy that badly needs it. The excitement with the arrival of britain's newest monarch, is reaching a fever pitch. And for good reason. The baby is not only heir to the throne. It's also a much-welcome stimulus to an anemic british economy. It's expected to make as much as $400 million from a bounce in tourism and product sales. The royal baby is good for the british economy. Reporter: Stores are already selling royal baby mugs and royal baby onesies. And the internet is filling up with royal baby paraphernalia. These are cute. Little souvenirs for the baby. Reporter: Jo jamil says she's preordered thousands of dollars of royal memorabilia. Everybody loves will and kate. And they're having a baby. How could they not be excited about it? Reporter: London hotels are also getting into the act. For 60 pounds or about $90, it treats royal watchers to a special high tea and private views of an exclusive collection of royal photos, which includes queen elizabeth building a sand castle. The royal baby economic boom comes on the heels of a banner year for the united kingdom. First, there was the queen's jubilee. Then, last summer's olympics. And most recently, andy murray's wimbledon win. No wonder there are so many union jack items up for grabs. What do you think? U.K. Lovers are wearing their british pride on their sleeves and on their royal baby carriers. You are the royal baby carrier. Yes, indeed. I am. Reporter: And how does the palace contact you? What is your background? Your pedigree? Well, I used to have three hamsters. Reporter: Three hamsters? Yeah. Reporter: Literally a case of god save the kingr queen if that is the royal nanny. Did you think I wouldn't get you guys something? Of course, I did. Let me roll it out. Daniel, daniel, you're all about ties, right? I thought this would be a great tie for you, the union jack. Yep. This is coming home with me, when I do come home. Ronald, you're traveling all the time. You may not have time to do your laundry. Here's some boxers, you can take with you. The union jack. Okay. I finally realized i couldn't -- I couldn't pull off this dress. So, ginger and paula, you can fight over this. As you drive around in the weinermobile. I give it to ginger. And finally, I had to get myself something as I'm sitting here waiting for this baby to come out. I got myself some flip-flops. What do you think? And your toes match, too, bianna. Very nice. Bianna, thank you very much. We'll come back to you and your

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{"id":19657002,"title":"Royal Baby's Birth a Money Making Machine","duration":"3:28","description":"A look at the economy developing around memorabilia of Kate Middleton, Prince William's baby.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-babys-birth-money-making-machine-19657002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}