Peter Phillips Prince William, Harry's Cousin, on His Latest Project

Peter Phillips, the queen's eldest grandson, discusses hosting a London horse-jumping event, and growing up royal.
7:24 | 08/14/14

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Transcript for Peter Phillips Prince William, Harry's Cousin, on His Latest Project
It's the first time that we've. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Event held -- -- -- parade it happens to be fooled what is the best. The best surge of control on the cover. Launch verbal -- -- the dog meat -- are jumping. It's -- with top the broadest in the world took that course of the world. -- that come -- -- Jews were essentially is the best competition. On -- 1414. -- basis. -- there is on the surge of the calendar and this is the second year we've -- in London. And -- fortunate enough to be built the first film they are -- -- golf program. Which is more more commonly used to seeing ceremonial. -- -- -- -- -- then what cost competition but you know. We're here and we've -- taken taken belong to it is to get habits it's great that the front where. Will buy stuff today still still -- -- -- rumors. Santos came up to the two and two from the founder of the group travels to a two to hazard. -- a series that was. You could take shirt jumping into the city's census taking it out of its traditional question footprint. And making it more accessible for people by. By creating a huge -- -- for the -- to be able to that and compete full. You drove -- top from top -- -- in the world to Wolfson ruled the top competition world. You have the glamour and the celebrity of but people supported the offense. And -- and taken to electronics achievement for the central locations. It's a perfect concoction. -- what is a fantastic news. It's it's a speed and precision. A fact. These horses have it takes a huge amount -- for them to jump what essentially is that was reported Alex. Think the tour takes in some pretty impressive vacations and grow with us on tape -- got money okay -- -- and how are you going to make the London event tickets attacked. -- your question I think I think the simple lots of -- its location. I mean you can't get a much more complications than you have or skills. And -- -- so those -- about the tours about. Being that would have. Brings surge opening in -- -- locations in cities around the world but also making making the sport more accessible for people who. Pick who wouldn't otherwise that gets -- to -- -- suffered so -- It having having -- Publisher having this event in the middle of Paris in the middle of London. It makes it far more accessible than and where or questions traditional footprint -- if you like. And -- Hartford I mean the sports up to. Troops are dual audience in two 24 -- immigration crisis degree of enjoyment from people who were not -- torture. I'm quite a few high -- Americans trapped Needham analyst at particular entity Clinton can still. And that's just the Springsteen bases to attack Bill Gates stopped Janet I think that Michael Bean bag so to -- and you -- -- at least have people come back and and what do what is it and that. This is the dominant leader of the surge open world -- You know if this is where all the Reuters want to pay that you're in the top such in the world you get to come but you get brought it to all of these events the prize money is -- You know it's it's that substantial. -- the whole thing you know it's it's it's self perpetuates if you like that this. You wanna get to the top that in the world you wanna be part of this tool because of the you have the you have the greatest. This the greatest level of competition if you -- -- consistently that's often drugs in the world competes against each other and you're gonna have right. -- and what do think what -- touting putting ought to get that. I shut the sheer logistics of -- and we you know we put 11100 tons of surfaced on hand. -- We put it all this over its infrastructure in a very virtual special time. It would have -- London last week enrichment we can bring him for him too -- for two guys. Cellular is being a massive logistical headache trying to get product and but in if if if it was easy so we've done before and and I enjoy the challenges and -- what's. Bring to bring these events to -- Central London. An amnesty with the -- excitement as it pertains to. You with an employee with -- Harry and biting -- -- -- you'll amity I mean. What was that might end up plenty fast -- I would -- of some -- for -- for her to remember. And so -- we have horses going up the whole -- there must -- for parents who competes against so until Sunday -- -- -- The teams probably that stoke precinct and so we're horses who is Paul possible -- and I love that one just. -- -- be busy with other things to -- of things to to be -- American. Yet I don't -- a massive -- feel I'm -- the last he has spent went silent the end of it still that I mean what was what was that like. Cause it's fantastic I mean it's. Five cents in London the hope. The atmosphere in London those those few weeks -- -- was just something never experienced before having having it. The Olympics in Europe and they -- Hudson city. Comments. They have to have a family member and win a medal was was was absent from touching moment she did it. The whole team did a great job. But they're ever wants them to forward and mr. Ford -- and -- -- -- that wants to -- when you combine. The the glamour and the prestige through sitting in the stands and his support -- -- the horses. With actually that -- fantastic. Actual competition on the surface in the arena. Thank you go to great Cotto for what is it there are great series of fantastic series which -- which which people enjoy what you -- -- the world. As the eldest. Did you find yourself. And let you kind of kind of mentality and cousins to William and Harry I mean -- that you still mystified them. I don't think. You dropped off them I mean he was given the fact that they -- Less and less than ten miles away from us we -- long time together. Those youngsters the it's. -- we we have we have found that we would we were kids growing up this as any other -- would -- -- paragraph C of cousins -- and doing whatever. What normal found these two women as children you don't know any difference. I don't -- night. To me that -- to which and look at -- they OK to ask. They. Haven't holding together at once yet -- and it was an important giant run -- Christmas time roof some -- together she's pretty. I've met him a couple times. So and they -- That verification where. Where babies of some very very interesting to them and -- specialists and outside Vegas and other -- -- -- pretty -- ago pretty well.

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{"id":24976327,"title":"Peter Phillips Prince William, Harry's Cousin, on His Latest Project ","duration":"7:24","description":"Peter Phillips, the queen's eldest grandson, discusses hosting a London horse-jumping event, and growing up royal.","url":"/GMA/video/royal-family-cousin-growing-princes-william-harry-24976327","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}