Will Royal Family Make Statement on Dead Body?

Officials say the body was found in an area where Prince Philip goes hunting.
2:22 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Will Royal Family Make Statement on Dead Body?
Bring -- ABC news contributor and the royal editor of the son Duncan. -- and we just heard from. That walk on -- -- Duncan and what more can you tell us other than her being between the -- a white female fifteen to 23 we could learn her identity. Shortly what else do you know. Well Robin the -- -- yesterday when this story bright who was that it was -- ago that went missing a seventeen year old girl who went missing in August last year. Just down the -- in -- and and -- local town. But we've spoken to her grandmother this morning and -- my grandmother is claiming that she's been told by police already that they do not believe that -- bodies. That -- that child. And the cause of death Duncan as you know has not been released so they say that she was not appear to be stabbed or shot but they said it is. A murder so what evidence of murdered. Are are you hearing that they have. What are the moment the police are really -- connect cards very places that chest but they seem convinced that that that this wasn't an accident. But this was foul play -- -- still waiting for them perhaps make today to release. Further -- -- of what they think it's actually happens this woman. The queen and her husband Prince Philip are still there on the grounds correct. That's right the queen and Prince Philip is still here -- -- good time back to London until the fourteenth to January. So are they being. Are their movements being restricted at all. Well. I don't think they're gonna come near this far from the estate but that's probably more to do -- all the press -- the -- president -- rather than. Part of the police investigation. Again we have this part of a wide berth and it certainly would disrupt their traditional New Year's -- via. And as you told us yesterday that there is public access to this area it's not just the royal -- state there's so much more there isn't there. That's right I mean this is littered with foot costs a lot of houses around here rolled steel -- -- by the royal estates of their sitting tenants that. Their state workers that live here I mean it's still as I said -- today is an extraordinary place. For someone to decide to dump the body because this place is also crawling with police most of the year because of its royal connections. And -- -- alike unlikely spot for something like this a body would be found Duncan thank you again. And I -- -- to be staying on top of thanks appreciate.

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{"id":15286223,"title":"Will Royal Family Make Statement on Dead Body?","duration":"2:22","description":"Officials say the body was found in an area where Prince Philip goes hunting. ","url":"/GMA/video/royal-family-make-statement-dead-body-15286223","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}