New Rules Proposed for Drone Use Will Affect

The FAA wants to enforce licenses, daytime use and line-of-sight flying for commercial drone use.
1:54 | 02/16/15

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Transcript for New Rules Proposed for Drone Use Will Affect
Switching gears now, talking about drones in the battle for business. Businesses to be able to use them. The FAA mapping out safety rules for the remote controlled aircraft and for some major companies like Amazon billions of dollars at stake. ABC has our story. Reporter: Drones, more popular and more problemic. One crashing on the white house lawn. This morning proposed rules for commercial use of these unmanned drones. For business uses, a drone under 55 pounds, the FAA wants the operator to pass a written test and fly no higher than 500 feet and only during the day and only if the operator can see the drone. There's a huge demand for the use of drones from farm field to oil lines an try ready to launch. They could pump more than $13 billion into the economy in the first three years after the rules are approved. Realtors can take aerials of homes for sale. Utilities can check lines. Farmers could get a bird's eye view of their crops. Is there a danger of something like me and going out and buying them? For somebody that doesn't have any experience, yes. That line of sight rule is a problem for Amazon. It wants drones to go off on their own and deliver packages. The online retailers is unhappy with the proposed rules and wants the government to address the needs of our business. Another business, Hollywood, however, well, who knows all the ways they will use these drones. One of the real concerns with these drones when they're flying with cameras is privacy. The white house put guidance out for agencies to watch out for people's privacy. Now, these new rules are proposed and won't go into effect for another year or two. Lara. Be careful. David. We have thank you.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"The FAA wants to enforce licenses, daytime use and line-of-sight flying for commercial drone use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28995221","title":"New Rules Proposed for Drone Use Will Affect","url":"/GMA/video/rules-proposed-drone-affect-amazon-28995221"}