Running of the Bulls in Ariz.?

Racers jumped for a chance to take part in a traditionally Spanish event.
3:17 | 10/16/11

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Transcript for Running of the Bulls in Ariz.?
Crazy enough for weeks paid down by a -- of 15100 pound bulls and you have to hop on a claim to fame ahead of him goma. But not this year and now they don't even have to leave the united state it's ABC thinking -- It's nearly that story. Count me and I thought even waiting for that her eyes and hair and are right for Iran well that's right you thrill seekers out there who want to run with the bulls can head to Cave Creek Arizona this weekend. Hundreds of people already shown up to join the chase but it's not quite the same mad dash as -- -- in Spain. -- -- -- It's a time honored tradition dating back 420. The running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain has brought. -- -- -- Try to -- goals on the winding cobblestone street. It's a high octane -- that gives new meaning to raise for real of the -- Risks are high since 1910 at least fifteen people have been killed and thousands injured. Now adrenaline junkies don't -- trans Atlantic flight to get in on the action I think the main similarities who've got bulls you've got people bulls chasing people. All of this weekend thrill seekers -- trying -- up hearing he's thinking Arizona. Others was cool about two days ago and thought my friends about it but now what might -- and -- -- -- It was a such a good idea once I am. I guess information prior to the bulls being latins I'm sure that's the point at which the vehicle -- him hopefully that and -- -- My mom Dina calling Afghanistan. The -- and they wouldn't dividends in Lebanon at least enough. This -- the fourth running of the bulls in the US and fill in the Dino the event organizer says there may be more to come it's got a lot of interest. Country so I -- to probably do that in about six different major markets. Across the country. Dennis Clancy has run with the bulls in Pamplona before and says there are differences between Spain and this Arizona run like the length of the race and the size of the crowd. They're different animal. So in Spain yet they'll -- of rob of the bold it's been bred for hundreds of years for the bike rodeo -- no one under review again -- Theres no way. That's the whole idea that -- Even if the bulls are -- over here there is still danger and the runners still -- pumped up once the races over have been out of breath. Okay. But I haven't and I feel great and I'm at my generally. Bottom line of the yeah as time goes by Arizona Florida and -- racking -- I voted against -- -- To the big one. -- dressed alike -- in Spain and got troubles in Arizona there are 21. But there are fewer runners in Pamplona 7000 people usually show up. To run an Arizona -- about 400 and it's a lot less dangerous you know with the New York Times -- that went. The stroll of the bottles of strong act -- putting a damper on the Voyager Prince Harry will make offensive -- Arizona -- -- -- -- track how -- and -- All right and it thank you.

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{"id":14747086,"title":"Running of the Bulls in Ariz.?","duration":"3:17","description":"Racers jumped for a chance to take part in a traditionally Spanish event. ","url":"/GMA/video/running-bulls-arizona-14747086","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}