Runway Near Miss Creates Tension on Tarmac

Audio of air traffic controllers highlights tense moments on airline runway.
2:05 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Runway Near Miss Creates Tension on Tarmac
-- -- near miss on -- Chicago runway between the Southwest Airlines jet and a private plane. Evident midway airport in the air traffic control tapes showed just how tense things got. Lisa Starr joins us live from Washington good morning Lisa. Good morning George -- it was a frighteningly close call between -- southwest jet 85 passengers and crew on board. And a small Learjet it was at Chicago's midway airport. It happened last month but new air traffic control tapes reveal that harrowing near -- This southwest's Boeing 737 had just landed at midway and was cleared to cross another runway. When the first officer yelled from the captain who was at the controls to stop according to an NTSB report. Yeah wouldn't that quickly got him right there is broad. That report -- your right hand picked -- -- -- This copy these and let Iraq -- -- economic. The captain stopped short of the runway edge as a Lear jet took off. Dodge in the larger plane by a mere 287. Feet horizontally. 62 feet vertically. Things quickly got -- You got what -- -- -- you didn't rebuild. Their ground. Acknowledged he's certain -- -- take out into the background please. Just prior to the incident air traffic controllers did not canceled the takeoff clearance of the Lear -- Nortel the southwest plane to hold short of the runway according to the report. I don't think people should be nervous. Certainly we've got an incredible record of the last ten years but I do think that the rising drumbeat of these incidents means the FAA is going to have to look very carefully. At the work rest plan especially and the number of controllers on duty. You're -- government take about we head of the typically the that they are right all right -- -- the FAA has taken a number of steps to try to reduce these runway incidents it says serious incidents are down significantly. But safety experts -- still far too many and any could be catastrophic. George and -- -- Lisa thanks very much.

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{"id":15337525,"title":"Runway Near Miss Creates Tension on Tarmac","duration":"2:05","description":"Audio of air traffic controllers highlights tense moments on airline runway.","url":"/GMA/video/runway-miss-creates-tension-tarmac-15337525","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}