Limbaugh Sponsors Pull Support

Did the popular conservative talk radio host go too far?
2:36 | 03/03/12

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Transcript for Limbaugh Sponsors Pull Support
Rush Limbaugh. Who's now has gotten him in trouble will form -- perhaps not like this was one of the America's most powerful and popular conservatives. Said about a female law student that has some of the sponsors pulling out this morning. And even provoked a surprise call from the White House. ABC's David -- is on the story in Washington this morning David good morning to you. They -- and incredibly ingredients in this one president a popular radio talk show host and a law student who is the center of this really dynamic and heated political debate. Initially hurt he expressed support for me and speaking out about the concerns of American women -- -- -- ended -- fifteen minutes of fame spotlight got a call from the president of the United States. How I was handling of things that it says about me and thanked me -- for speaking out and for expressing. That the concerns of so many women. Denied by Republicans to appear on this panel of five men discussing insurance mandates and contraception. Look did speak to a democratic panel. First the Blogosphere exploded with criticism. And then Rush Limbaugh jumped into the fray with his booming voice and millions of listeners committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex what does that make her. And extra slot right. -- impressive -- but that was just Wednesday on Thursday we want something -- And I'll tell you what it is. We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch women's groups and Democrats astounded by the radio host crass language -- back. Shame on you for calling the women of this country. -- and prostitutes stop supporting the hate mongering of Rush Limbaugh. Advertisers are feeling the heat some are pulling their money but Limbaugh is standing his ground when the president called for -- He had a message not just her her but for her parents to. He said that he hoped his parents or my parents were crowded nation and that really meant something and he said that you know. As a father he understood how they would feelings and those very touching. She said Obama -- That. You should tell her parents they should be proud K -- -- humble but my -- on not. Zealand's and he did apparently button is lit upon it we are seeing some Republicans distancing themselves from Limbaugh the speaker of the house. So the comments were inappropriate even that. House member who banned her from speaking at that hearing says they were self serving comments so far for sponsors. Have pulled their ads from -- Rush Limbaugh.

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{"id":15839714,"title":"Limbaugh Sponsors Pull Support","duration":"2:36","description":"Did the popular conservative talk radio host go too far?","url":"/GMA/video/rush-limbaugh-sponsors-distance-sandra-fluke-comments-conservative-talk-radio-host-politics-15839714","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}