Rutgers Spying Case: Ravi Sorry About Clementi

The student convicted in the bullying case speaks to Chris Cuomo.
4:46 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Spying Case: Ravi Sorry About Clementi
The ABC news exclusive interview that we're hearing for the first time -- -- former -- student convicted ending bullying case that made. Nationwide. Headlines are -- dropping was found guilty of -- hate crime for spying and is gay roommate who later took his own life point 18 anchor Chris Coleman of course a good friend of GMA you went one on one with this young man. Good morning Robin Josh this kid got room -- is at the middle of the case and of a controversy that is so important in this country and this is the first time. We get to hear him speak. When Tyler Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge in September 2010 it made an immediate headlines this suicide came on the heels of his -- are -- -- using a webcam to spy on an intimate encounter between Clementi and another man rush and later inviting others to watch a second date. Authorities called rob these actions hateful we've reached a verdict on all charges. And last week a jury agreed convicting the now twenty year old Robbie of bias intimidation. Invasion of privacy and evidence tampering for deleting and altering incriminating messages. But don't -- -- told me he's not the monster he's been painted -- and did not have a problem with his roommate being gay. Did you want to intimidate him. Frighten him now did you record him having sex and did you out Tyler -- No I. I know I did and because -- brought a guy over. And -- and he walked him and he went into -- room closes the guy comes on our there's people allowed everyone sees it happening. Figure you know what he doesn't care. He's he's OK with it. Robbie says he does have regrets and he did things that were wrong people will watch this is the first time they see you they hear you. What do you want them to know about you. I want them to know that. Already accounts through -- artists. I don't care nothing about entering Robbie turned down a plea deal that offered no jail time because he refused to admit he was guilty of -- hate crime -- He maintains he never bullied Tyler do you think you misunderstood how fragile he was. I really don't think. He was very fragile I think you just don't like talking to people that's that's only enough time I don't think you know just because he's gay doesn't mean he's our -- -- fragile I can do -- -- How could he not be fragile and have jumped off the George Washington Bridge. Something had to be very wrong right there's only -- -- -- meant to be very -- But -- insists whatever Tyler was going through started before they ever met. Still one of his regrets is that he isn't sure whether Tyler -- ever read the apology he sent. Before taking his life. Tuesday I just say you know what. Others say on this thank you read it and he got it and he. And -- except says that's what happened. And that helps me do what it. Case is far from over the controversy surrounds bullying in this country were just beginning to understand. How to stop -- we do expect at sentencing will be sometime in May not sure what's going to happen most say they don't want too much jail time. -- -- Robbie is an Indian national. What does that mean after he serves his time to go through deportation hearing and it's almost certain. He would be deported and he could serve up to ten years -- -- and that's what he could have very little chance he gets that much time. Chris I was so many people believe that this case went beyond the facts that that a clear message was trying to be sent here. The agony in this situation. For the families involved for people like you who fight for victims' rights is that we need a message about -- its pervasive so many kids take their own lives get hurt. In this case comes finally we get that message the question is is it the right case. Is this the vehicle to let people know nothing like this can ever happen again. If it's tricky there are no winners here to let people know that it does get better which was the campaign that came. Out of that your impressions of this plan. He's young. He struggling with. What did I do verses what was done to me what does he really understand about who this kid Tyler Clementi. I don't know what he's in a horrible situation he's going to pay a price that nobody else. Has yet this is a very big deal this case. Well thank you for aren't letting us see it this morning and it's always great. It was have a home here to Chris thank you thank you and you can seem so much more of chris' report tonight on 20/20 -- 10:9 central right here on NBC.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"The student convicted in the bullying case speaks to Chris Cuomo.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15985116","title":"Rutgers Spying Case: Ravi Sorry About Clementi","url":"/GMA/video/rutgers-spying-case-dharun-ravi-tyler-clementis-suicide-15985116"}