Rutgers Trial: Tyler Clementi's Date Testifies

Mystery witness M.B. takes the stand in the landmark cyber bullying case.
1:52 | 03/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rutgers Trial: Tyler Clementi's Date Testifies
The mysterious star witness in the Tyler -- trial the case that got America really talking about cyber spying. In the bullying of young gay people this unidentified witness the man who was secretly videotaped in bed with Tyler just days before he killed himself. ABC's Lindsey Davis is on the story. These -- the trembling hands of the most anticipated witness of the trial. Man known only by the initials and the this man Rutgers freshman Tyler Clemente had a sexual encounter with only days before he jumped to his death. The same man -- is freshman roommate -- Robbie allegedly spied on with a webcam. While -- and Clemente were kissing in an effort to protect his identity the court would not release his name or face or allow audio to be recorded. Speaking of their second encounter and be told -- court. I noticed there was a webcam based in the direction of the bed I just saw it was strange being in a compromising position. It just caught my -- that there was a camera lens looking right at me. ABC news has learned NB does not want Ronnie to go to jail though he's currently charged with fifteen counts of invasion of privacy. And faces up to ten years in prison. During the five hour testimony that 32 year old witness confirmed that after meeting the eighteen -- Clemente on a social networking site for gay men. They had three sexual encounters. During the defense's cross examination MB was often vague highly defensive -- occasionally awkward what he was clear about was that he became uncomfortable when he was leaving -- dorm after the second encounter. Because a group took about five students was staring at him. It was like they were looking at me for some reason he told the court. Any end to the defense tried to drive the point home that -- didn't know Tyler's last name until he read about his suicide in the Paper. For Good Morning America Linda Davis ABC news New Brunswick, New Jersey.

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{"id":15839781,"title":"Rutgers Trial: Tyler Clementi's Date Testifies ","duration":"1:52","description":"Mystery witness M.B. takes the stand in the landmark cyber bullying case. ","url":"/GMA/video/rutgers-trial-tyler-clementis-date-testifies-mystery-witness-mb-landmark-cyber-bullying-case-us-15839781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}