Ruth Madoff Discusses Moment Bernie Came Clean

Brian Ross, author of The Madoff Chronicles, discusses the state of the family.
3:32 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Ruth Madoff Discusses Moment Bernie Came Clean
Now to those new bombshells in the Bernie Madoff case Ruth -- speaking out for the first time that brand new interview. With 60 minutes this morning we -- hearing more from her about what she knew and when she knew it. Here she is revealing the moment her husband confessed about the Ponzi scheme. I was kind of paralyzed. For any kind of consider going back to the often it's he emotionally. Would. -- -- -- It's sort of flying now I'm not. Hedging here and I just simply can't remember every detail -- -- infectious today. The -- 8 good evening. He broke through W opens Christmas I know he found me from the office and that we have to go to tale this Christmas. Artist so I got myself together. The state -- allies and we just went home. The next morning me -- I was then progressed in the past seven years. And ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross joins us now he wrote the book clean Madoff chronicles and has been tracking every single development. Since this story broke three years ago -- -- -- it's pretty obvious why they're going public now. Well they're trying to sell books -- and there's also an element here of family revenge and settling scores. She broke off -- the son Andrew his new book is out and he pushed her to help. Publicize his book. That's what she's making his appearance didn't he make it part of the reconciliation. Pact. All right -- he has -- -- -- -- he has stopped talking to his mother after the day -- father confessed the crime and he blamed her for being part of the Calder an enabler. And to get back with her son and her grandchildren. She's not doing this. And we did hear from Andrew in the interview as well he talked about this mysterious package that he received one night here this. Night. Tore open the envelope and and and dumped it out and it was absolutely. Heartbreaking. These were. Pieces of jewelry that I recognized -- things they'd seen my mother wearing over the over the years. And I couldn't understand. How she could do this I mean what were they thinking and it wasn't until. -- three years later that. I had a chance to ask her. What were you thinking when you sent me that jewelry I don't understand. And she told me that. She and my father planned to kill themselves. And they've put together that package. Before -- that sent out. They try to kill themselves. Yes they -- It's been some debate about that whether -- not a skeptics about a half hearted effort -- that's exactly told what did you learn more from Andrew. Well Andrew still faces trouble with the bankruptcy trustee who's going after all the money that he has feeling is other people's money that was his father -- listens to gave -- -- -- him. There may be new documents filed against him in court in the next couple days and so he should he could get some of that money that. Well there is one ruling which the bankruptcy trustee would not be able to collect all the money that the -- and we took 82 million dollars could end up in their hands if that ruling now stands according to the bankruptcy trustee that would not go over well it was it was not they would -- a rich from there. -- -- -- -- Thank you private moments.

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{"id":14832957,"title":"Ruth Madoff Discusses Moment Bernie Came Clean","duration":"3:32","description":"Brian Ross, author of The Madoff Chronicles, discusses the state of the family.","url":"/GMA/video/ruth-madoff-discusses-moment-bernie-clean-14832957","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}