Sadie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty,' 'Dancing With the Stars' Shares Powerful Message

The 17-year-old's makeup-free YouTube video offers a powerful and personal message to fans to "live original."
5:35 | 04/06/15

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Transcript for Sadie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty,' 'Dancing With the Stars' Shares Powerful Message
Coming up we know Sadie Robertson from "Duck dynasty" and "Dancing with the stars." Now we're seeing a whole new side of her in a video she posted getting lots of reaction online. The star sharing a personal and powerful message about body image, drawing strength from faith and encouraging us to just be ourselves. My name is Sadie Robertson. It's the youtube video capturing the attention of millions. 17-year-old Sadie Robertson talking directly to the camera. Because I want to tell you the reality of things. I struggle with jealousy and comparing myself to other people. We have gotten to know Sadie as part of the flock on "Duck dynasty." Whoa. We've seen her shaking her tail feathers on "Dancing with the stars." ? And strutting down a runway in her own fashion line but we have never seen Sadie Robertson quite like this. You know, I'm this celebrity status but I'm just like every single one of you. I go through my struggles and my every day life just how y'all do. Stripped down, no makeup or camera crews. Just opening up about her own struggles. I look in the mirror and pick out the flaw which is embarrassing but it's true. Sharing a powerful message challenging her fans and herself to live original as she calls it. Don't look at somebody and say that's what I want to be because in reality, if you're seeking self-approval or human approval, you're never going to reach your goal. You can only reach it by god. Amen to that. And we are so happy to have Sadie Robertson with us this morning. You're watching it and said you had no idea it was going to take off like it did? Absolutely not. I got out of the shower one day and kind of preaching to myself, the message I needed to hear and my little sister came home and watched it. She was like Sadie that's really good, you should post it. So I posted it and the next thing I know I'm on "Good morning America" talking about it. You're just keeping it real. No camera crew or hair and makeup. I know that's very important to you in this message to be authentic. Absolutely. I think it's like important for girls to know that it's like no matter who you are, what position you're in, everybody struggles with insecurities and everybody compares themselves to somebody else if they want to admit it or not. And I wanted people to know no matter who you are you can't reach it by comparing yourself to others. I found by going through god was the best way to do it. I know some people are going to go, c'mon, you have been jealous, you have felt insecurity but you want to say that we all feel that way. I know where you draw your strength. Are there others, too, that inspire you that you draw inspiration from? Absolutely. My whole family is a huge inspiration to me obviously. I have the most amazing mom in the world who teaches me that. She keeps it real with me and she's so open with me that it helps and inspires me to be open with the world. It's silly to not want to talk about it. Because you never know who you can help or encourage. And you are helping a lot of people. You have been well received for the most part in being so open especially about your faith and there are some people very critical and there's a person who wants to know how you cope with that. She's on instagram and she said have you ever gotten personal hate for being a Christian and how did you cope with it? Yes. But the thing is it's like god is my rock. For me. I'm not saying that you have to live that way and I'm not saying that's what you have to do. For me, that's my comfort zone and gets me through life. I want to share my message. If it could help somebody, then it's worth it. And people can hate on me but that's not the way they have to live. It's just what worked best for me in my life and how I'm going to live. I mean, that's just who I am. That's just what I believe. There are lot of people thankful for that and I know your family is important to you too. Yes, ma'am. Thank you for the yes, ma'am. Does it have to really be daddy approved, the wardrobe that you wear? Does he have to really -- This is what's silly to me, it's like yes, of course, I want my dad to approve my outfits but I would never walk out in something that my dad wouldn't approve of. It's like even though it's daddy approved, it's Sadie approved first. I don't want to embarrass myself either just as much as my dad doesn't want me to go out looking skanky. You were supposed to be here last Friday but you went to your boyfriend's prom and wearing one of your dresses. I loved it. It was so nice of her to do that for me. It's good for you to be here today. I know you're watching tonight "Dancing with the stars." Yes "Dancing with the stars" tonight. Mark, I think you're pulling for him too. She's 14, that's crazy. I was 17. I thought that was crazy. She's 14. Can't believe they went younger than you. I know. It's crazy. To you watch it? I have been watching it. Yes, it's weird to watch it and not be there. Last year I would get so nervous every Monday night and now I'm like I feel for them. I'm nervous for them. Thank you. Live original. Yes. That's exactly what you are doing. Thank you Sadie. Thank you. Continue blessings going forward. Down to George.

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{"id":30115297,"title":"Sadie Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty,' 'Dancing With the Stars' Shares Powerful Message","duration":"5:35","description":"The 17-year-old's makeup-free YouTube video offers a powerful and personal message to fans to \"live original.\"","url":"/GMA/video/sadie-robertson-duck-dynasty-dancing-stars-shares-powerful-30115297","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}