SAG Awards: Stars' Funny Moments

Screen Actors Guild Awards: Hollywood stars joke and poke fun at one another.
3:20 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for SAG Awards: Stars' Funny Moments
And we are counting down the Oscar's Hollywood Super Bowl less than a month -- here on ABC from the playoffs are heating up this Sunday night. The -- especially -- by actors to -- from the Screen Actors Guild awarded by their fellow performers. And it's Chris Connolly reports it's -- the night where our favorite stars -- each other up. It's an awards show on the rise. And it's become an Academy Award. Just passed a better lives deviant this year percent of the -- -- well before Oscar came calling plan. This weekend he'll join performers are proud to reclaim their jobs -- I am Sophia got -- -- and then. -- -- -- world. Oh my god that's not me. They're quick to turn on themselves and I and the bad act. And each other with all the wonderful things have happened to her isn't it. Heartening to see how thorough -- girl as plain as she is can -- No technical awards at -- show even this bronze statue gets to perform his name. And active Sam I love the city's -- the act. Sometimes. A whole Lotta love. On top of everything else -- him out -- thank you -- United by their labor unions the Screen Actors Guild represented performers worldwide. You can get one of the needs a screen that. -- -- -- -- In 1978 I got my sag card and since and enough to give it back on six separate occasion. I'm Brad Garrett and and I don't belong here. Get rent and more than 100000. Guild members are eligible to vote. Thirteen categories for outstanding movie and television performances. Individuals and entire -- When the -- told me they wanted me to speak -- sort of thinking -- I hope we don't win. According he's a wonderful thing because you don't movie does well it's fabulous. You'll get the accolades it's wonderful movie tanks not your fault. Use -- ethanol. No. This Sunday very -- -- will receive the lifetime achievement award presented their third fight Dick Van -- her costar. TV comedy classic -- not the Dick Van Dyke Show premiering half a century ago. Every preacher who knows it is food -- it -- a phone number call. -- from the small street to the wide one performers treasures the recognition of their peers who've known the rejection. And the rewards only an actor's life can bring an apparently lucky -- Being in this business is still still -- working NRA's. -- Good Morning America Chris -- ABC news. I've never seen Alec Baldwin's. I can't think -- that and city -- sag awards this Sunday and TBS and TNT and we'll be right back.

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{"id":15447024,"title":"SAG Awards: Stars' Funny Moments","duration":"3:20","description":"Screen Actors Guild Awards: Hollywood stars joke and poke fun at one another.","url":"/GMA/video/sag-awards-stars-funny-moments-screen-actors-guild-15447024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}