Man Allegedly Shot by Mother-in-Law: 'It Still Bothers Me'

The man whose shooting was caught on tape talks for the first time to "GMA."
5:22 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Man Allegedly Shot by Mother-in-Law: 'It Still Bothers Me'
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You still had two bullets. In -- how you feeling now. Yes -- -- have to bulletins on. You know among you know. -- only. Is still bothers me because I can't -- this to happen. To monster I -- -- every two weeks -- that -- none of this can believe it that you haven't had. It had a tough relationship with your mother. There was -- it was a tough one yes. And bad days you had the presence of mind actually turn. Turn yourself on camera on what many changes in the first place. -- past history of -- accusations on me. Was made about me what was going through the -- and I wasn't deal with it anymore -- you know I -- to protect myself. Because a lot of statements were made about -- that -- false. So that's why about the way you what you were doing when you picking up your boy things like that yes -- yes you know from the past history but did you everything -- possible to shoot you. I was a western -- one thing he did notice that day. I've read is that she you suspicions went way up because she was treating you. In a relatively than usual manner tell us about that -- as being too nice to sort of slide has stepped out of the car. Not knowing know what know what's gonna happen to the issues is talking too nice to me that's not normal justice Arnold in the next thing you know. Next thing you know we -- very simple I do my thing I do my regular routine. I pull up from it by the driveway that have been doing over a hundred times I open -- the back door I've put on dvd for my son. Expecting to get to come out but the -- comes out convicting your life we actually yes yes my ex wife and a mother came out. And she said and I want to talk to she cutbacks really going house to answer was no. Next thing you know. Get shark just pulls -- did you see the government -- she had her hand behind my eyes when they always the transaction is the bad what my son's fellow. -- her hand was behind the Palo. And while she was acting nice to me I was looking down because -- that was weird. And when I asked for the pillow that's when I -- and that's not reacted and that's when a -- And it to make it even more surreal right after that. You're struggling -- just been shot and you hear your mother in law called -- 11 -- -- you pulled the gun. You know that's. What's -- Martin mentioned you might rethink. It off. Well -- she's she's in a -- -- -- she's lying and she's doing this to -- know too much harm. My senate most important thing about everything -- -- protecting my son is what I want. And while no one's a winner here even if you know god forbid I did die. My son watched her check -- -- he lost again because losses -- and because grandma and losses. His grandfather. And just listening to get out of -- why would you do that to Victoria to my -- why would you -- heard him for the rest of his life. And there still is a bitter custody battle over your son he's still waves here ex wife but. Do you have any reason to believe that she might have even known about this -- something to do with the shooting. Well to answer that. Normal routine I -- my -- a -- -- never missed a heartbeat on she was always there. In this says -- -- wasn't there. So that's my answer -- -- -- the answer is yes. We're here -- a question she wasn't Daryn that particular day -- we've been doing is over a hundred times are. Should I never go to the door she comes to the driveway and -- -- -- you know drops off the baby and picks up the game when a sophomore. At the end of his -- -- there. If you believe that about -- weapons incredibly hard to leave when -- son of course. Of course what's next in this legal battle. Well George we have the divorce case which is ongoing. Which has to be -- be brought to a conclusion. But we've also brought suit against. The mother of the child the shooter the grandmother and the uncle. Who initially lied about giving the gun to Cheryl Heppner and then recanted. So we pursued all of them and her late father as well so. We have alleged just -- you know. -- -- The mother. -- between now knew about this and was involved and we're pretty confident. Then the circumstantial evidence to prove that that's actually. -- -- -- -- -- Or when he's with me there's no conversation about anything about the grandmother or are. The mother if she took if he's asking about the -- always -- if you want to talk to his mother. -- -- You know in every single night around 715 and make sure he says -- to his mother tells me -- and -- asleep and I'm very positive when it comes to my kid because. I don't want him to mentally. As he gets older should not discuss her friend your positive I feel it's going to be great for him rather than being negative could likely office thanks very much in --

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"The man whose shooting was caught on tape talks for the first time to \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15709538","title":"Man Allegedly Shot by Mother-in-Law: 'It Still Bothers Me'","url":"/GMA/video/sal-miglino-allegedly-shot-mother-law-interview-bothers-15709538"}