Salmonella Outbreak From Chicken Sickens Hundreds

CDC is calling back medical experts furloughed by government shutdown to handle the outbreak.
2:23 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Salmonella Outbreak From Chicken Sickens Hundreds
And meanwhile in hawaii, 22 sickened by a muscle-building supplements. The fda calling back people to deal with that. Dr. Richard besser will be here to talk about more on that. The salmonella outbreak. What's going on here? And what are the symptoms? What can people do? This is very concerning. I was talking to cdc about this last night. And this is one of those outbreaks they're worried about. The reason is, the number of people hospitalized by the salmonella is higher than they expect. And that many of the strains are resistant to antibiotic. Fever, nausea, cramps, diarrhea. You need to get treated. When you see the symptom, don't take it lightly. That's right. And you can prevent this by cooking chicken thoroughly. That's critical. And you said, not to wash your chicken. You're going to spray germs around the kitchen. Let's talk about the supplement. Liver damage here, rich? This the frightening. It's oxy elite pro, the name of the product. The fda just issued a warning of this product. 29 people with hepatitis. 24 of them used this product. 11 people were hospitalized. Two had a liver transplant. And one person died. The company stands by their product. But they're recalling it for now. If you have oxy elite pro, don't use it at all. Good advice. Before we were fortunate to get you at abc news, you worked at the cdc and these outbreaks that we're seeing with salmonella. I know the fda is involved with the supplement. How has the government shutdown affected them both? In a big way. We're out all at great risk here. The cdc can call people back to assist in a national emergency. Their job is to look for them in the first place. Fda has called people back to work with the supplement issue. We're at risk until they get back up to staff. That's something we have to keep in mind. The effect it has. Yes. Let's turn to josh with the

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{"id":20514582,"title":"Salmonella Outbreak From Chicken Sickens Hundreds","duration":"2:23","description":"CDC is calling back medical experts furloughed by government shutdown to handle the outbreak.","url":"/GMA/video/salmonella-outbreak-chicken-sickens-hundreds-20514582","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}