San Diego Zoo's Baby Cheetah and Puppy Are Best Friends

Six-week-old cheetah cub Ruuxa and seven-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy Raina will grow up together.
4:04 | 06/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for San Diego Zoo's Baby Cheetah and Puppy Are Best Friends
-- -- -- You've got you have what is the fastest land animal house where you have the right now we're we're told him not make any sudden movements that around and happens god and we'll. So let's look a little -- -- -- -- we can we -- Kevin Garnett right. What the Pentagon is while stay in the dog -- OK I don't know I got no problem when massively. We have quite a team of people here because this is very exceptional -- -- lot of work to get me achieving here in studio. Charlie is an exception I want people -- definitely understand all the interviews he did you know -- do not think good has had a team of people here to have this happen right shyly as a three year old -- -- his partner in crime here is yet even the Anatolian shepherd. And this team is very important in general. She does -- with a long confrontational meaning that if in the wild they were come across a lion and leopard are hanging if they're gonna go the other way their body is all about speed not about attacking and infighting. In fact even when they get their prey the speed they're using it to their advantage is that they trip they're -- the trip to pray we'll tumbled and then they'll go for the -- they don't have. Tackle like the lions how how fast can have upwards of seventy miles an hour get this you know I -- -- -- loved working out exercise -- golfer write imagine that imagined as you start your sprint on your third step majority of sixty miles an hour -- That's the -- Very look -- know the facts tonight. -- -- like us and all of us me all about running. They and they have to hunt during a hi -- -- black marks on the eyes hope. Prevent a light from reflecting the online hide and that in during the middle of the Dave Lyons and other -- are sleeping taken after -- too hot. That's what these guys know it's safe to hunt because after they grab their -- they have to wait two hours to cool down before they can even start eating. Meanwhile silicon -- that food so again non confrontational means than. It's up it's questionable if they're not gonna go into the studio lights and camera people everywhere employees are pending a hearing that he's looked thin and look he's looking at with the greatest -- -- never letting her right where they -- with the dog the we can bring a domestic dog and -- like -- who have yet he's -- and become. Oh. In -- must be OK so we used a dog toward managed to kind of set the tone for everything. That everything is comfortable fines of -- of the -- -- all follow getting anywhere yet he goes. You know that it's legal and right now yes I honestly take a somewhat -- -- additional right here -- cartoon nobody's right here. We just got this new baby cheetah at the Indians he just met on his new dog and this is how we -- this is actually just yesterday at the safari park -- sister facility sitting as a sport part. Brand new ambassador team working -- -- together this is how it all starts this help when Fontaine. Really big yet they get to bond they get to hang out together in this is how the cheated inserts a -- -- -- and a resident of thousands of years to life -- except people. She does have not. So Machida reads a dog's body language coming into an environment like this allows us to educate people about cheetah conservation. City -- -- has partnered with nine other facilities across the nation to work together for breeding -- she just to make sure we have a strong population. We've had over a 140 at our facilities or very proud of that but we want to share our knowledge. And our conservation effort with others and -- -- others have -- to -- it's so important -- not many left an idea how dangerous are there they're critically -- this point they have a lot of challenges and it's kind of -- others had a story having Anatolian shepherd here. Conservation groups have sponsored they pay for the dog the -- the vet bills everything. In place in Italy shepherds with livestock keepers and Africa where the problems that she does faces because livestock keepers and -- them. Because they fear they'll take their lives. And so that's drops the numbers tremendously but when we can pay for a dog to go live with the -- She is being non confrontational -- his -- -- goats -- big dog never mind and body here. So at no cost -- livestock -- rebel bases tolerate them and that protects you is causing no longer feel threatened by that she has that option look how cold has right now man's best friend and fajitas and is back. Exactly fascinating Rick always a pleasure to -- frankly I don't. One of the best leaders by the way got a quarter handle regular Ricky yeah zoo keeper Rick -- always video rental animal facts and Armani and San Diego -- also -- a Twitter handle has the power of the facilities that we work with so socially is a big thing for conservation animal care really appreciate that cost of rain.

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{"id":24088587,"title":"San Diego Zoo's Baby Cheetah and Puppy Are Best Friends","duration":"4:04","description":"Six-week-old cheetah cub Ruuxa and seven-week-old Rhodesian ridgeback puppy Raina will grow up together.","url":"/GMA/video/san-diego-zoos-baby-cheetah-puppy-best-friends-24088587","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}