Sandusky Statements Outrage Victims

Former coach professes his innocence from a myriad of child abuse allegations.
6:10 | 12/04/11

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Transcript for Sandusky Statements Outrage Victims
There is a new wave of outrage this morning after -- and asking the accused child sex offender gave his first extended on camera interview. Proclaiming his innocence in the New York Times. ABC's TJ Winick has been talking to people who represent the victims they are not happy of. That's that's right and good morning the attorney for one alleged victim calls this latest interview another punch in the stomach. Many here question what -- jury said -- really did himself by going public. In fact he admits to much of the questionable behavior he's accused of while stopping short of saying he broke the law. This is the interview that -- so many so angry. On camera for the first time making his case to a New York Times reporter. Jerry sandusky admits to -- with young boys but insists nothing sexual ever happened. -- allegations are false. I did. Do those things those he is accused of molesting he says were more like his children so many of them would say that -- your extended family. But for those alleged victims of this so called extended family this latest media blitz makes it all that much worse. First he serial -- abuse my client. Which left as you can imagine a devastating impact and then EST here. Sand -- denied that he did those things. The attorney for another victim called the interview disturbing. And for those not directly affected this question just what was sandusky trying to prove. The last interview seemed unsure if he was -- was not attracted to boys. -- -- there's a whole the world is this question you know what what what you know. -- going to be if I say. No I'm not attracted was. That's not the truth because. I'm attracted to. Young people boys girls. But again this time his attorney sitting off camera had to clarify -- -- statement. -- I enjoy -- And enjoys spending time with young people I enjoy spending time with people here. Joseph Becker is the investigative reporter who scored the exclusive sit down do you think Jerry sandusky. Hurt himself or helped himself with -- -- him. Well I think that's for prosecutors decide certainly he made admissions. That prosecutors will I'm sure pays some attention to. And -- Jerry sandusky maintains he did nothing illegal. One particular comment suggests -- may be resigned to a possible jail sentence. I'll miss coaching. Let's check -- -- second it is and he sort of. -- into the future campaign I will miss my dog -- Do you get the sense that it's it's kind of dawning on him situation he's in. During the interview Jerry sandusky implied he is not a suicidal person he is due back in court December 13. TJ thank you with us this morning a forensic psychiatrist and ABC news consultant doctor Michael -- thanks for coming in appreciate -- morning we'll ask you the question that I think a lot of people are asking this morning why it would send -- he'd do this. Is he helping himself and anyway it's. I think he does help himself and the way he helps himself is by communicating the way. We as mental health professionals appreciate that predatory sex offenders relate about their crimes. Through cognitive distortion what's cognitive distortion. It is a way that an offender. Relates about his actions to another that sounds convincing. But denies. Justifies. Rationalize his minimizes in such a way to say. Nothing to see here move brought to to be just to study for one -- to be clear at this point he's an alleged abuser he's not being convicted of anything and he says he's innocent. -- -- -- his behavior classic behavior. For an -- well. You know ABC news to take the official position that he's not guilty but I as -- as a professional -- the evidence very compelling to me. And the reason I find that it if it's compelling is more the history. Not because of how he communicates. What I want to point out to the audience is that when you see compelling evidence that comes forward in the form of claims for many victims. And many incidents and not just the victims but you have a witness of somebody who was actually on his staff. Seeing something so dramatic that that. Can't be distorted it anyway and his ability to explain it away the way he does that's cognitive distortion. That that moves a person in a different direction. And it can explain to many why he could speak to law enforcement in 19982002. Possibly Penn State administration. And leveraging his authority. And his mineralization justification rationalizations. Say nothing to see here move one. And facilitate other people ignoring. They had a discussion in this interview about barriers there are no barriers. Sexual assault is a process it's the end point of a process of grooming it didn't just happen. He orchestrated it and yet to see that interview. You would think that it just happened and it's up to you as a jury your audience to see whether it's whether it's illegal -- -- not -- -- -- we're seeing here is manipulation skills on full display you say -- but let me just ask -- quickly as we did before ran out of time. Do you think he should be out on bail oh absolutely not I think he's a public health menace I I think he should be quarantined. And I and I think that this is not an issue. Of -- happy valley issue that he was recruiting. All -- ambassador for Penn State. All over the United States and they had no accounting for the nature of his interactions with young people so anywhere he's been. Has to be investigated and scrutinized. And if he's out. No one can account for how he relates to young people and we know they're investigating San Antonio Texas at least one place. Michael under strong words this morning we thank you for coming in thank you very much appreciate it thank you doctor.

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{"duration":"6:10","description":"Former coach professes his innocence from a myriad of child abuse allegations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15082200","title":"Sandusky Statements Outrage Victims","url":"/GMA/video/sanduskys-statements-outrage-victims-15082200"}