Katie Couric Previews Interview With Newtown, Conn., Parents

Host of "Katie" sits down for an emotional discussion with parents of slain Sandy Hook students.
3:00 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Katie Couric Previews Interview With Newtown, Conn., Parents
We have a special edition of quatty coming up today, with the parents of newtown. They sat down with katie to talk about how the community is helping them heal. So glad you're sticking with this story. With the help of the group called sandy hook promise, we organized a town hall meeting. It included family, a therapist, a mental health expert, a victim from virginia tech, a mother who lost her daughter in aurora, colorado. March 14th will mark three months since the shocking massacre happened on a friday morning as children were preparing for their christmas pageant. In many ways, the pain and grief are more intense. Newtown, connecticut. This formerly I dill lick new england town is trying to regain normalcy. We feel frozen in time. This event has stopped everything. And we're going day by day and we're praying things are going to be better. Reporter: Everyone in the collective embrace of the nation. We're big fwlooefrs prayer. And the fact that you get these cards and you're in everyone's thoughts and prayers. We do gain strength from that. Reporter: This is still a community just beginning to recover from the crisis. Each day seems to be getting harder, instead of easier. I still expect dylan to come out from the next room at any time. Reporter: And despite the national and local conversations about gun control, the culture of violence and mental health, the people here, the survivors, are still dealing with the pain so fresh and a grief so profound that they're healing by leaning on each other. Just because this one horrible thing has happened, it doesn't change the community. In fact it's made us even stronger. Reporter: Embracing this simple message. We are sandy hook. We choose love. And we can see the families. We just heard, gaining strength from all this. Where do they want to take this all next? I think they're trying to figure that out. They're trying to get through every day. It's a very, very difficult time there. One thing for sure, everyone wants something positive to come out of this horrific event. They want to continue making it a part of the national conversation, as david wheeler, ben wheeler's father said, i can't imagine what you're going through. I want every parent in this country to imagine what it's like, what it's like getting that phone call, what it's like losing a child. Because only then will something change. And we won't be failing our children. It's a powerful hour. I'll say. They're not going to let their children be forgotten. Katie's special is on today on "katie." Check your local listings for show times.

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{"id":18647832,"title":"Katie Couric Previews Interview With Newtown, Conn., Parents","duration":"3:00","description":"Host of \"Katie\" sits down for an emotional discussion with parents of slain Sandy Hook students.","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-elemtentary-shooting-katie-couric-interview-newtown-18647832","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}