Sandy Hook Parents' 'Parent Together' Pledge

Thousands are taking the pledge to put kids first and find common-sense solution to gun violence.
2:19 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Sandy Hook Parents' 'Parent Together' Pledge
One month from today marks the first anniversary of the sandy -- school shooting in Newtown Connecticut which when he students and six educators lost their lives but even more. The memory of that day has not been enough to stem the tide of gun violence in this country so this morning a group -- -- -- parents are launching a new initiative one that they. Say they hope will fight violence. With love. -- disease. Time and again over the course of the past year gun violence. Happening in schools happening in moments. We carried that there's -- -- How is that for you to witness -- -- even -- -- some when that happens your heart disease. Because you remember exactly what it was like for you. Nicole -- -- six year old son Gillian and David Wheeler six year old son Benjamin were two of the twenty children gunned down at sandy hook elementary. What's the most frustrating thing that -- Had to learn. Over the course of the last year how -- Completely disconnected. -- legislative system seems to be from the opinions of the American people. The gun bill drafted in response to -- -- was voted down in the senate but that has not diminish the determination. Of these families -- We'll do whatever it takes. To keep another father from having to go down this road tough loss and despair and grief. And almost a year after their lives were forever changed by gun violence. They are now asking all of us to simply. Parent together. The goal is to find common sense solutions to gun violence and mental health issues and celebrities have gotten on board creating this new PSA. Together and parents to have taken the pledge of thousands of moms and dads across the country from -- promised. Together for the safety of older children. Because it's it's a promise it's a commitment to say it doesn't matter what your politics are what your religion -- What you are financial situation -- it's basically saying all of our differences don't matter if we put our children first. That's the way to start having real conversation and make change. And if you want to make a promise go to Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! and George they are so determined such a powerful idea conclusions again. Thanks.

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{"id":20886161,"title":"Sandy Hook Parents' 'Parent Together' Pledge","duration":"2:19","description":"Thousands are taking the pledge to put kids first and find common-sense solution to gun violence.","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-parents-parent-pledge-20886161","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}