Parents Cope With Sandy Hook Students' Return to School

Some parents express reluctance to leave their children following deadly shooting.
2:49 | 01/03/13

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Transcript for Parents Cope With Sandy Hook Students' Return to School
Now, it's going to be a big day for students at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. This morning will likely be an emotional return to class in a brand-new school three weeks after the horrific shooting rampage. Amy robach is right down the street from their new school in monroe, connecticut. Amy, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. It is, indeed, a big day for this community. So much at stake for so many people. Parents, students, teachers, police. All working hand in hand to try to find a way past this tragedy and move forward together. Every family knows the feeling of heading back to school after the lidays. But the millgram family is facing something unthinkable. While first grader, lauren, is excited. Along with her fourth grade brother, dalton. Their parents main uneasy. How could someone be so angry? I don't know. Reporter:N IS PLANNING TO Drive behind their bus tomorrow, and will stay with 7-year-old lauren for the entire school day. Dropping them off and leaving school remains unimaginable. Can't. No. Haven't gotten that far yet about being without them. I just need to stay with them for a while. Reporter: Lauren was in caitlin roy's first grade class ON DECEMBER 15th. She has been hailed a hero for hiding her students in a bathroom. She talked to diane sawyer just hours after the rampage. We have to be absolutely quiet. And I said, there are bad guys out there now. We have to wait for the good guys. Reporter: Erin and give thanks to roig for saving their lives. She will see her friends on the bus. There will be some missing on the bus. We don't want to avoid memories of a trauma. By getting back to school and engaging in your routine, we're helping kids to do that. We're helping them to have a natural, healthy recovery. Reporter: But for many pants, the road to recovery remains a long one. Rationally, something like this is a very improbable event. That doesn't change the emional side of the way you feel. Reporter: School begins just after 9:00 a.M. Today. We've already seen buses start to roll just behind us. And school officials tell us they expect a lot of parents will be staying with their children in class today, tomorrow, and in the days to come. Elizabeth? Amy, thanks so much. I understand that they decorated the class with snowflakes all over the inside of the school. Snowflakes that were made and sent by people all over the world to help support those kids and those families. Amy, thank you. It will be a difficult morning for them. We're going to turn, now, to

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{"id":18120313,"title":"Parents Cope With Sandy Hook Students' Return to School","duration":"2:49","description":"Some parents express reluctance to leave their children following deadly shooting.","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-students-return-school-parents-learn-cope-18120313","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}