Santa Ana Winds Ravaging West

States of emergencies declared as 18-wheelers tossed, trees uprooted in West.
2:32 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Santa Ana Winds Ravaging West
Out of those fierce winds tearing through the west several cities have declared emergencies and are still cleaning up after a very rough night. ABC's David Wright is in Pasadena California course this morning good morning David. Good morning Robin it has been an unbelievable 24 hours here. How windstorm causing the -- damage you normally see in an earthquake millions of people. Dodging tree trunks on the way to work. That's -- work was open a lot of small businesses even some big movie studios have been closed. Because for so many people the power is out. In Utah it looked like this center of a tornado. Across the west and into the night Thursday. High winds tossing eighteen wheelers. Toppling gigantic. Trees and. -- -- And crushing car after car with uprooted trunks hit that day I didn't like. Probably. A hundred trees down blocking entire street. -- block after block after block the latest Santa Ana -- stormed a wallop the West Coast is the strongest in more than a decade. In the mountains wind speeds topped a 150 miles per hour the force of a category four hurricane. I have never been. 36 years seen anything like this out here overnight crews worked to restore power to more than 300000. People in California alone. Leaving many without gas bombs ATMs and restaurants. In Los Angeles a state of emergency Thursday more than a dozen schools closed students celebrating rare win -- -- Here in Pasadena this heap of twisted metal is all that's left after a treat collapsed on the roof of the gas station. Trees and traffic signals blocked roadways for miles the storm spread across the west from the coast to northern -- -- These students at -- university barely able to make it up the stairs. But for some wins could have to -- on -- street. So many downed trees here residents were actually trapped inside their homes. We couldn't get out. We -- -- crawl through -- is we thought it was gonna come to the house. As of this morning still more than a quarter million people without power and the clean -- continues. And it may not be over yet high wind advisories remain in effect through this afternoon.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"States of emergencies declared as 18-wheelers tossed, trees uprooted in West.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15071562","title":"Santa Ana Winds Ravaging West","url":"/GMA/video/santa-ana-winds-ravaging-western-united-states-insane-15071562"}