Sara Moulton's Top Cookbooks of 2011

"GMA" food editor discusses which type of cookbooks were popular this year.
4:43 | 12/28/11

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Transcript for Sara Moulton's Top Cookbooks of 2011
Would you like to cook or just wish you could we've gathered the year's top cookbooks that are the best and perfect for a view that the vote with the one's best suited for. Our food editor Sara Moulton has picked up the very best for every taste -- her selections will make you want to put your apron on right now good to see you being here is -- only way -- Q let's start with the -- short on time which is a lot of us right get a good would be reluctant right exactly so we have to books to correct you there. What it's like Jamie Oliver which is it very interesting it's fifteen and news that he says it will take you only twenty to thirty minutes and with many -- -- -- went. -- try to address the big problems we all have. -- don't have time. It's too expensive and I don't know how to cock and that -- -- got a real big kick on healthy cooking -- -- there it's it's in there yes it's a subtext to doesn't talk about it's in there but what Arnold about it he gives you grocery list for every menu. But most important hardest part for home -- it's -- -- He tells you where and to put the pot on went to sought -- be -- you don't have to think from start to finish she holds her hand. It's an exciting fun book that's great -- Kate what about for beginners yes you are not so great interest that is a good one but -- 52 is really fun because it's -- -- 52 is a web site. And every you the week they have a contest like. Give us your best being recipe. So this features all the Witter's and I feel the home cooks are every bit as good as professionals that we're not talking -- you know just -- -- -- makes us all out doesn't bring this isn't an end and that -- again healthy isn't really the front stretch it's it's real cooking. And it's just really fun because home cooks because then the -- be over and over and over again. Really know what they're doing and so this is from home cooks for home -- And what about those of us -- more advanced to the kitchen well it does not including myself event I don't -- She I -- -- -- that -- your dad. Yes that -- at any rate this is the essential apparently long -- -- -- he's been a regular on this show. He's the ultimate technician he can -- -- a chicken and twenty seconds but this is his top 700 favorite recipes. And this is what you need if -- sit somewhere for year. And you have no access to northern cookbooks because it's it's I would give this to newlyweds everything's in their both from the beginning to be accomplished cook and there's a dvd and -- you can see his from -- -- doing it yes OK what about for sweet -- what we're not there quite yet we want to finish this is another house and this is actually a book for everybody even -- of vegetarian cookbook. It's called plenty. And it's a written by a court order telling the truth which is pretty wild -- yes that's how -- have a British chef. And I just loved it he takes it it's from roots to fruits. And he just it's just. In an exciting and you know for people want to get more vegetables and their life this is for -- -- can now get to this week. How can I don't I'm not -- slowly down there. Are. We need to do wanted to talk about sweet person happy but I'm anxious to get there but no -- advantage -- -- package these. Like for the more adventurous cook so we have two different category this is the most a cookbook which is. From Nancy so Overton who owns two restaurants with Mario Vitale in LA you -- and she was known for her baking but that she opened up both first a pizzeria and -- a regular Italian restaurant. And she has. You know you can make from scratch all these family recipes pizza pasta at -- Lotto so Bechtel. How it's just -- and -- -- all the work but it's worth asking is it really advance sounds like it when -- throwing around this time names. I don't know yeah she takes she holds her hand and I would she know what she's doing. And have this one which is a modern rock and -- by the moron luck Wu who has won stun army each -- rocket restaurant in San Francisco. Amazing new new toys to play with new exciting things to do okay. Finally just sleep out and now they -- -- -- extreme. Are you kidding it's it's very sequestered but the basic -- and the uses. Cream cheese and milk in -- start. With all the -- frozen marshmallows chocolate topic. This -- you wanna go -- by one listen to put your freezer just make it and finally we -- the cook but for the -- man and don't we are we bringing up the cake man I don't know anybody at this point it's just for Josh OK this was productive if nothing more manly about hunting. Then about finally did you recover from that cut at Thanksgiving -- -- it's. -- -- you know the you know the old carving again. -- knives and carving -- on live television didn't excavated knife in his article that this this is -- fortune hunting and fishing my feeling is if you're gonna punch you should eat it and a lot of hundred don't know what to do with what they get so this -- -- -- -- -- got. Here. Half hour that I'm Vietnam and trouble all right Sarah think he's an angry select a kind of Harry different kind idol went on the website exactly -- -- -- selectors to be sure go head to the website for more information.

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