Sara Mouton's Turkey 911: Carving your Turkey

"GMA" food editor takes last-minute questions about Thanksgiving cooking.
3:29 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Sara Mouton's Turkey 911: Carving your Turkey
Welcome and Sara -- -- back here in the kitchen with us to talk. Yeah I don't want questions I know. Yeah right. Family coming and we don't want a blood -- on my car and write a tricky thing yet now we actually don't wanna waste you don't want -- and I recommend actually do it in the kitchen on invitational creek yeah. He's having -- -- -- -- -- carved the Turkey never. Number because going to be. Right now I'm hanging out are okay how we each art circles where can I am one very nice -- but you yeah we've removed the wishbone everybody it's right here in this is -- important thing to take out. Because it would be very hard to get the -- -- if we happens okay -- so now and everybody. Did you -- -- easy we did at least they're about to take all four minutes final cut it to take your not for gonna take off the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- use a -- one you -- -- a -- -- if you want. And you take it to you get to the point where you hit the ball and socket joint. Yeah. -- -- you have to say OK there we go outside we just stared out. Yet -- just -- It goes down like this flower built MI not help all of this is not shouldn't help to help her and I got that that you got a lot of careful you don't need any cuts and they sorted take over the breasts you take it off. The breast meat off the -- it's exhibit now I'm just trying he's. Let's take it but you're ninety on one side of the -- but what is right in the at all. -- used the smaller and I don't have all the all the laundry giant this. This -- -- -- OK that's right on the net is on the car and then you take the whole thing off about ten like this we do and I could never have we carving the cruise Thanksgiving. All of us media and I don't. -- -- imminent -- I mean yeah. The other hand this for a second so then I like -- ball and socket situation how we tell our viewers. Twenty minute and a problem how you can you just know you know as my father likes to say -- sports doesn't work apply more force -- key OK if he -- -- being gradually. We're doing that yeah. Red -- near the young ball -- -- -- and as long as you -- -- 165 were fine and no that wasn't there. Now I've really done is coming up they're -- my. Now Cheney wouldn't tenants and why audiences you can get just a couple of places have I want him. -- wanted the whole breast the clock is talking -- the clock is so why yeah. Clearly hey -- Oh long or I -- I wasn't important thing -- -- different thing when you've got a little -- don't use that ignited -- here here here this is very. Out. It's -- to crown a winner I don't. -- -- While I was really loved -- moment of screaming -- -- with the brass. -- -- Can you tell you yeah that just comes naturally spent -- city isn't very much. How about something I put pressure -- you -- -- about your heart yeah. All my skin to get attention and are you and you're gonna Ahmadinejad yeah. Rumor about you guys and we do want you gotta match -- -- good morning I -- Yankee Alex I don't giant yeah. Like such a good idea of the great yeah in Lawrence prefer coming up and a lot more -- stay with us -- -- Thanksgiving Day Good Morning America how we.

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{"id":15023560,"title":"Sara Mouton's Turkey 911: Carving your Turkey ","duration":"3:29","description":"\"GMA\" food editor takes last-minute questions about Thanksgiving cooking.","url":"/GMA/video/sara-moultons-turkey-911-carving-turkey-15023560","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}